baby talk.

September 25, 2016

I shared some of the things I am doing with my sweet peach in regards to sleep, skin and more....I shared over on instagram but wanted to share over here too! 

I have had a lot of people asking about Adelaide and me and what oils I am using post partum + what all we are doing with her! 

1. SLEEP. 
I am NOT a schedule person but learned quickly that if I stay two steps ahead of my babies on a schedule they very rarely are ever upset. With my first I would think he was hungry or this or that but with the next three babies I realized they don't want to be over stimulated or tired. So if you can have them fall asleep before they are tired, they don't hit that "too tired" phase and it's all golden. 

I'll take her in a dark room and rock her and swaddle her and put her down before I see signs of sleepy and she's one happy little bundle !  That paired with some good diffusing, a sound machine, box fan going- it's a nice relaxing scene going on! 

My big kids have twinkle lights and battery operated candles in their rooms too!


* Sweet baby face skin sometimes needs that's extra support- I've been putting breastmilk and coconut oil on her sweet little face and her skin is dreamy!

People have asked if I am using the oil Progessence Plus on myself while nursing- YES! I am using it daily for hormonal support. I am also using the oils: Joy, Valor, Sara, Release, Stress Away and Frank for emotional support. ✔️. 
I've honestly never felt better in my life! 

*Yesterday I put one drop of Peace and Calming oil in the palm of my hand, I rubbed my hands together to where there was nothing left, then "brushed" the bottoms of her feet- I know she was getting just the teeny tiniest bit from leftover on my palms.

* I am spraying her blankets and bed with a lavender pillow spray. Also lots of diffusing.- recipe here
*Tender Tush- SO GOOD from Young Living, we are loving it.

* Lastly!! I'm putting oils on myself and I know they are gently rubbing off on her here or there, im great with that! Love that she's getting leftover just enough on her tiny little body!

I could go on and on. But if you want more info, please email me! check out my website. do your research....oils don't have to be intimidating! FOREVER grateful for what they have done for me and my little fam! 

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Bloomsy Box.

September 19, 2016

If you have followed me for awhile, you know my love of fresh flowers. 

I want our home to always be filled with beauty and color and life and flowers are such a sweet way to do that.

I often joke that fresh flowers are my love language. I LOVE.

When we discovered I was instantly SMITTEN. Flowers right to my doorstep from fair-trade sustainable farms around the globe. YES PLEASE! 

Our first bouquet of flowers came in the most beautiful wrapping and ribbon, the smell was delicious and the flowers were breathtaking. So unique and perfect.

I am so grateful and thrilled and excited to have different, gorgeous bouquets arriving to my doorstep every week! swoon! 

" is a subscription service that sends its subscribers fresh flowers weekly, bi-weekly and monthly from fair-trade sustainable farms around the globe. 

 We appeal to the discerning person that is excited to try new flower varieties and learn through discovery. That’s the concept of our subscription box."


* post sponsored by BloomysBox but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Happy Birthday Sunshine Girl.

September 16, 2016

Ainsleigh Kate. My baby turns SIX
 Happy Birthday sunshine girl :)

On September 16, 6 lbs 7 changed my life forever.

 I will never forget the moment you were placed in my arms. My hands shook as I looked into your clear blue eyes and kissed your tiny button nose.  You smelled like an angel and have been a ball of light ever since that day. Always content, sweet and joy-filled. You were everything from the first moments. 

You are my little light, you light up every room. 

You are my sunshines girl, you are brave and adventurous and confident and independent. Your personality is infectious sweet Ains. I truly cannot believe you are mine. 

Your dimples melt me in a million ways! 
Thank you for being you, for filling a hole in my heart that I never knew existed. 

I am the luckiest,
love, mama

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