baby love.

October 17, 2016

Happy Monday!!!

Some sweet sugar today with my little peach- she's literally the most precious ever...words could never describe how much we adore her! 

A few quick photos from last week!
We are just in newborn heaven over here!  

Shabby Chic.

October 10, 2016

When my box arrived from Shabby Chic , I literally gasped 
as I opened the was like all my decor and shabby chic dreams had come true. Literally! 

Each little detail was so phenomenal.

I had the blankets, duvets, pillows, pillowcases, tablecloths, napkins and sheets in all different rooms in the house....even my girls squealed with excitement when they saw their new bedding. 

Its soooooo beautiful, the photos don't even do everything justice! 

I have always been one to believe that some pieces are truly an investment, a timeless piece that will be passed down and that is how I feel about every single item from Shabby Chic. 

Each lace napkin, tablecloth and blanket, we carefully opened and studied and found a beautiful spot, for. I truly believe these are pieces that I will pass down to my kiddos, they are special items! 

The timeless, classic look to everything that they have completely sings to my style and taste. 

I have a collection of quilts given to me from my mama and grandma and they mean literally the world to me. They are so special and something that I cherish dearly. I truly believe classic pieces like this will be given to my girls and cherished in the same way. 

"Shabby Chic custom & vintage style furniture, bedding, lighting, home decor & washable slipcovers. For over 25 years we have been making washable slipcovers in America for families to enjoy."

** post sponsored by Shabby Chic, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Life Lately in Photos.

October 08, 2016

Lily Jade.

October 04, 2016

Oh Lily Jade how I love you! I have worked with them for years now and own so many of their gorgeous styles...seriously an absolute FAVORITE of mine! 

I have so many of her different styles of bag and I ADORE them all! 

Lily Jade bags are amazing for so many reasons but one is that eventually when you are finished needing a diaper bag ( have I mentioned, soooo many amazing pockets in some of their styles!!) then it can be a gorgeous purse- I love that! Such a good investment :)

And now with a new little one here I love that it easily converts back to a diaper bag! 

I have found myself even putting the insert in other purses just because I love to have everything so organized in any bag I am using- no matter the occasion! 

I've mentioned this before but I spoke at a blog conference a few years ago and had the honor of being on a panel with the owner of Lily Jade! 

After the session I was able to talk with her more and instantly was drawn to her sweet spirit and her lovely business. I loved how she spoke about her heart behind her business, it instantly drew me in. I knew right away they were a business I was excited to align myself with.

Not only are her bags gorgeous but they are incredible quality and they have an amazing selection. 

So many styles and colors- LOVE all the options! 

I adore this new style ( pictured here) because it's smaller and I can take it with me when I only need to carry with me a few still has the amazing pockets and yet just great for a different occasion! 

"This is a mom-created company! A mom saw a problem and figured out a way to fix it. When Meggan Wood’s oldest daughter, Caroline was born, Meggan found herself at odds with the endless parade of unstylish, impractical diaper bags. Pretty, but exorbitantly priced and not functional. Affordable, but disposable. Functional, but ugly. Things got so frustrating, she even found herself carrying a soft sided cooler (you’ll have to ask her about that story!). Finally, in frustration, she sketched every mom’s dream--the perfect diaper bag.

Our bags our made with 100% premium leather--you can smell it the minute you open the box! 

ALL of our DIAPER BAG styles ALSO convert to backpacks!!! (This is a customer favorite, and now EVERY STYLE except our mini purse, the McKenna, converts to a backpack!!! People are going to LOVE THIS!!!)--it's a backpack when you want your hands free, and it's a handbag when you don't.

Every Lily Jade bag comes with a removable, washable multi pocket insert. If you've ever had a bottle spill in your bag, you understand the genius of this!

That multi pocket insert? It's really, like, 12 pockets--your life can finally achieve some organization! AND you can hand the insert with baby's things off to daycare or Grandma, and voila! You have a beautiful handbag for YOU. We’ve made a few updates to our baby bag--it now has more structure (it will stand up on its own) and it comes with small handles that tuck away when not in use!"

**post sponsored by Lily Jade, all thoughts & opinions are my own