Aiden & his reptiles.

October 11, 2018

The next Steve Irwin. 
 Lizards and snakes in his pockets, frogs coming home in his lunchbox, packing little cages to run around with on the playground at school. 

Since he was little enough to communicate it’s been a passion that couldn’t be denied. So we embraced it. 

He got his first reptile at age 3 (besides the snakes he was bringing inside in his pockets) and now ate age 9 has 7 reptiles plus all the ones he catches and releases (13 in his room right now). He is tender with them, he studies them, he loves them. 

Someday when he is traveling the rainforest - we’ll say he never waivered in his passion. Anyone else have a kiddo with a deep, undeniable love for something? #aidenloveshisreptiles

I love you with all my heart bud! 

Little Girl Butterfly Hair.

October 10, 2018

Step ONE: Brush through hair, detangle.

Step TWO: Put up in a Ponytail. 

STEP THREE: Separate into three parts. 

STEP FOUR: Clip over the 2 parts on each side ( almost looks like a bow). I spread the wings out and even clipped the top corners so that it looked like a butterfly. 

The middle piece of hair ( smaller section of hair)...I twisted it and then clipped it upwards as the butterfly body. 

STEP FIVE: I found these butterfly clips on amazon and clipped throughout her hair! 


Found this idea here on Pinterest and edited it a bit! 


October 02, 2018

Finally sharing a few pics from Apple's birthday party! 

She turned six the same week that she started Kindergarten.

All the mama feels bursting up inside me. My hardest stretch in motherhood is in the letting go- day by day trying to unclench those fists and let my babies fly. 🕊I love you Apple Lucy 💖

We had so much fun celebrating this sweet precious girl! 

Moana Costume ✔️, Swimsuits✔️, Cake 🌸✔️, Balloons ✔️. Party Ready 🙌

Pumpkin Pie Scented Play-dough.

September 30, 2018

The air outside makes me flood with memories. 

I can still see the beautiful cupcakes my mom would make in the Fall with candy corn on top and the smell of pumpkin pie pouring through our kitchen. I love making memories with my kids and soaking in these moments with them. 

No I did NOT make these gorgeous fall ombré cookies ( my dear friend did here) but we DID make pie and chili and had our fav playlist going. 

We had tons of spills and the pie didn’t come out perfect BUT it was in the steps to get there that the real work was done. The feelings sealed up in their little hearts. Who has memories baking with their mama?! 🙋🏼‍♀️❤️🍁


How fun is this?? Homemade play-dough! 

I can’t!

And it is super easy to make!! 
This is the recipe that I have followed in the past:

All you need is:

+ 2 cups cornstarch
+ 1 cup Kidscents lotion
+ 4 drops cardamom
+ 2 drops orange
+ 1 drop cinnamon bark
+ 1 drop clove

Mix all the ingredients together and let your kiddos play!



September 21, 2018

It’s been my moms dream for years and years to have us all in Nantucket together. 

My parents, my family, my brother and his sweet family- all under one roof again. 

She said that every year she dreamt of riding bikes to the lighthouse with her grandchildren and so this is the trip where all those dreams become real memories. 

I loved hearing their voices as they saw it for the first time. The summer of awe & wonder, the summer of adventure.

If you ask Ainsleigh her favorite trip of the summer, without hesitation she will say this one! 

We rode bikes, we ate and talked and played. It was beyond lovely.

I can still feel the night air as we sleep with the windows open and I can hear their voices as they squeal with joy riding our bikes down the long hill. 

A dream trip. Truly.....memories sealed up in our hearts forever and always.