December 05, 2016

Can we seriously talk about my love for Mary&Kate

Their organic products are not only exactly the kind of products that I want for my little ones but also ADORABLE. 

Safe, non toxic products, I mean this is literally #1 on my priority list. And then on top of that, they are SO CUTE- they are truly an absolute favorite of mine. And now what I will be giving as all baby gifts here on out!!

Friends, business partners and most importantly - mothers with the mission to create products that are safer for the baby and better for the Earth.

Mary & Kate baby products were designed with love for children and deep understanding for the need of safe and non-toxic products that will not overload the tiny bodies with harmful chemicals. Manufactured in socially and environmentally responsible manner, Mary & Kate products are made with completely natural materials.

Their swaddles, bibs and washcloths are made exclusively with unbleached GOTS certified organic cotton that makes them extremely soft and most importantly - hypoallergenic.

Mary & Kate are also famous for their classic wooden toy collection - Woodie Buddies, made with natural European beechwood wood and non-toxic water based coating that is completely safe for the babies to play with and chew on. 

Mary & Kate products are available exclusively on Amazon and through their website and come with 100% satisfaction guarantee and a friendly team is always available to assist you with any questions or concerns from purchase through delivery and beyond.


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Lately in Photos.

November 30, 2016

Goal Digger PodCast.

Goal Digger is a live-workshop style business podcast for creative girl bosses, so you can train from the experts how to dig in, do the work, and tackle your goals along the way. Jenna Kutcher be interviewing some of her all time favorite girl bosses who are running their own empires with grace and each week she will tackle a new topic that will give you tangible takeaways to apply to your own business.

Guess what?! 
I am super honored to say that she interviewed me! 

It was wild- I was home with my 4 littles alone, bouncing a baby....I think at one point Apple busts out in song on the piano but thats what it is all about right?! Just a mama at home with her babies trying to build a biz! 

I don't talk a ton on this blog about Young Living from a business perspective but the Lord has been sweet to combine not only my love for families and people and community and natural health but ALSO entrepreneurs, financial freedom and changing people's lives! 

Required biz details for us to share when talking numbers:

Noni Bee.

November 21, 2016

When I was introduced to NoniBee, I instantly fell in love. As an artist myself, I was instantly drawn to her style, colors and designs- swoon! 

My kiddos LOVE the feel of NoniBee clothing and I have been told more than once- "Mom wash these so I can wear them again tomorrow! "

She truly has such an amazing collection and is a favorite of ours in the Wiegand home! 

My girls love pairing all of the various patterns and colors-so many adorable options! 

"Peri is an artist, turned midwife, turned mom, turned Noni Bee founder. All of the prints start out as drawings, get hand carved out of rubber or linoleum, are stamped, and then digitally manipulated. It is a super labor intensive process, but is so much fun! We pride ourselves on running an ethical small shop."

"When her daughter was born, I wanted her to have original, comfortable clothing that had personality while not being too girly or fussy. I was frustrated by the available options, so I learned to sew and made most of her clothing myself. I fell in love with the process and drew upon my fine arts background as I created pieces for her that we both loved and felt good about. I always want the clothing I give to my daughter – whether it be sewn by me or purchased – to be high quality and ethically made, and I want it to fit for more than one season. I created noni bee with these same ideals in mind– long-lasting, natural, sustainable clothing with personality.

The name noni bee comes from my daughter’s nickname. Noni was the first thing she called herself when she began talking. Taking her lead, my husband and I started calling her Noni, which somehow turned into Noni Baloney. We eventually shortened it to noni bee, and it stuck."


30% off coupon code:  holiday30 
it is for 30% off all ready made items, excluding custom items and fabric. 

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Little lOVE.

November 17, 2016

Last night I was rocking Adelaide in the night thinking about how there was a season when I didn't think I'd ever have the chance to do this again. 

These middle of the night, sweet moments- nursing and rocking my babe. Just the sound of the creaky floor and the box fan nearby. I'm forever thankful for each moment with this little peach.

Soaking up every moment. 

Getting in the Spirit!

November 15, 2016

Lily Jade.

November 14, 2016

Oh Lily Jade how I love you! I have worked with them for years now and own so many of their gorgeous styles...seriously an absolute FAVORITE of mine! 

I cant imagine honestly carrying any other diaper bag- their pockets and various styles have me completely smitten.

I love all my different bags from them so very much...

Lily Jade bags are amazing for so many reasons but one is that eventually when you are finished needing a diaper bag ( have I mentioned, soooo many amazing pockets in some of their styles!!) then it can be a gorgeous purse- I love that! Such a good investment :)

And now with a new little one here I love that it easily converts back to a diaper bag! 

I have found myself even putting the insert in other purses just because I love to have everything so organized in any bag I am using- no matter the occasion! 

I've mentioned this before but I spoke at a blog conference a few years ago and had the honor of being on a panel with the owner of Lily Jade! 

After the session I was able to talk with her more and instantly was drawn to her sweet spirit and her lovely business. I loved how she spoke about her heart behind her business, it instantly drew me in. I knew right away they were a business I was excited to align myself with.

Not only are her bags gorgeous but they are incredible quality and they have an amazing selection. 

So many styles and colors- LOVE all the options! 

"Update on Lily Jade: Over the last two years, we've listened to customers and collected as much feedback as we could. What they told us over and over again was they wanted our Brandy and Camel leather bags to come with a teal lining, and they wanted ALL our full size bags to convert to backpacks, so we're thrilled to offer that now! We launched preorders a few weeks ago for our huge November shipment with all the changes, and customers have been going crazy over them. Our shipments have been known to sell out before they even arrive, so we are highly encouraging our customers to preorder now while they can!

This is a mom-created company! A mom saw a problem and figured out a way to fix it. When Meggan Wood’s oldest daughter, Caroline was born, Meggan found herself at odds with the endless parade of unstylish, impractical diaper bags. Pretty, but exorbitantly priced and not functional. Affordable, but disposable. Functional, but ugly. Things got so frustrating, she even found herself carrying a soft sided cooler (you’ll have to ask her about that story!). Finally, in frustration, she sketched every mom’s dream--the perfect diaper bag.

Our bags our made with 100% premium leather--you can smell it the minute you open the box!

ALL of our DIAPER BAG styles ALSO convert to backpacks!!! (This is a customer favorite, and now EVERY STYLE except our mini purse, the McKenna, converts to a backpack!!!)--it's a backpack when you want your hands free, and it's a handbag when you don't.

Every Lily Jade bag comes with a removable, washable multi pocket insert. If you've ever had a bottle spill in your bag, you understand the genius of this!

That multi pocket insert? It's really, like, 12 pockets--your life can finally achieve some organization! AND you can hand the insert with baby's things off to daycare or Grandma, and voila! You have a beautiful handbag for YOU. We’ve made a few updates to our baby bag--it now has more structure (it will stand up on its own) and it comes with small handles that tuck away when not in use!"


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