Happy Valentines day!

February 13, 2018

a home tour: the bathrooms

February 09, 2018

Next up on our Home Tour: two of our bathrooms!

We have 4 bathrooms in this home but here are two of them to give you a taste! 

This is the girl's bathroom!
I seriously love everything about this sweet space :)

The tiles are the most precious flower pattern and for now, they each have their own sink. 

At night when they are washing their faces and brushing their teeth ( getting ready for bed)  I can hear them laughing and talking, it's the absolute sweetest.

Next up is our master bath. 

The inspiration really came from our Florida trip last summer- the bathroom there was beyond dreamy. 

The tub has the most beautiful sunlight pouring in- its exactly what I had in my mind!

Putting these together was so fun! I am going to link below some details on where we found certain things! 

NOT sponsored, a bunch of people DMed me so here is that info below:
Master bath:
https://goo.gl/maps/iUpcdnyTg6R2 Seconds & Surplus Building Materials

124 E Arapaho Rd, Richardson, TX 75081

(214) 239-3131

Girls Bathtub
https://goo.gl/maps/KBx2fsCR1p62 Surplus Building Materials

3404 Belt Line Rd #200, Farmers Branch, TX 75234

(972) 241-4444

Girls Vanity:

https://goo.gl/maps/nPZZhVqbe6u Builders Surplus-Haltom City, Texas

5832 E Belknap St, Haltom City, TX 76117

(817) 831-3600

Baby Love.

February 07, 2018

I remember when we had little Adelaide and she was soooooo tiny in the NICU, I bought some sweet, soft Sapling Child outfits because they were exactly what I wanted her little tiny body to be wearing.

So cute and yet so soft and comfy. 

They are an ethical organic baby wear company whose main focus is on quality, softness and great design. Sapling Child has been a favorite of mine, hands down, for so long. 

 Three words: Soft, Quality and Organic. 
Pretty much the three words that you want tied to clothes for your littlest loves. 

I love sweet, slow mornings with my girls. I love seeing how as Adelaide grows they are able to connect and play together more and more. 

I love not missing any moments. 

Every day when the big kids head off to school we say, living for summer!

Each Monday Ainsleigh says to me, " I wish every day could be the weekend."
We are literally counting the days till June where we can all be together throughout our days.

When I was looking though these photos a piece of my heart stopped that Adelaide seems so grown!

I truly love these little outfits....they are so adorable and stylish yet super soft and comfy......I also adore the heart of the company which always goes a long way with me!

" We believe we offer the finest quality baby clothing available anywhere in the world. Why? Because we care about the little things." - Sapling Child

My Happy Place.

February 06, 2018


you hold my heart forever. 

mama moments captured. it's the little moments...

a different life.

January 28, 2018

We saw the Greatest Showman and I cried the whole way through it .... we also took the kids a few days later and there are a dozen messages I wanted them to walk away with but when it comes to us, I hope they always know their mom and dad chose their dreams, they chose life a different way even when we were told we were crazy. They already can see it but what a beautiful tangible movie for them to see it through a different lens ❤️.

Its CRAZY to look back on this post and see where we are now. And then in 2013 I wrote a post, "where are all the dreamers". NEVER in a million years could I have guessed that God would call me to a job where I had the opportunity to help people dream again.

My dear friend Kari Lewis wrote this and I couldn't agree more. "We saw The Greatest Showman yesterday and ohmyword it was inspiring. That soundtrack 😍 . There’s a song called The Other Side that has the main character (a big dreamer) pitching this different way of life to someone who was comfortable where he was: he had success, wealth, etc. . But what he didn’t have was actual happiness and joy and the FREEDOM TO DREAM. You guys, I feel like this song is my life 🙌🏼 I want to sing it to everyone I know! . I long for my children to always be dreamers, and that Zach and I lead the way. That we always believe there is more, but we have so much rich contentment wherever we are. . I want them (and everyone!) to know that we can trade that typical for something colorful. There is something different than a life of 9-5 at a job you don’t like. Different than our children getting the average 6 to 10 colds per year. Different than feeling constantly tired and uninspired. Different than feeling alone and lacking community. There may not be a cure all and there are *always* hard things, but GAH there is so much beauty, creativity, fun, and freedom at hand and I want to run after it! ."

What is holding you back? 

Give yourself permission to dream again, those dreams tucked way down deep inside, they have been placed there for a reason! 

Home Tour: Apple's Room

January 16, 2018

My sweet Apple baby's room!!! 

She and I both are in LOVE with this space.... so much of it is so specific to my sweet girl. The tea time table, the little kitchen area, the built-in bookshelf/desk area, the bed nook and the areas for her babies. 

My little nurturer. 

Apple says to me daily, " mama- I BFF you" and then I say...."baby, promise forever??" This little love is so thoughtful and is always looking to take care of everyone. I wanted her room to be a merge of everything that she loves and a space that will make her heart soar. 

Just last night I fell asleep curled up in her bed beside her and I had to fight back tears just thinking about how fast the time is going. 

I often times find her taking care of her babies, cooking in her kitchen, setting up tea parties, working at her desk....oh and always while her favorite playlist is going! 

This room is full of character, personality and special little details-
all perfect for my girl!