4 Tips to Restful Sleep.

May 23, 2019

 For me, mama to 4 littles, a good bedtime routine for us is SUPER important! Some insight into what this looks like for us!!

Feeling worn out by poor sleep and bedtime struggles can wreak havoc on our outlook, our mood, and even our health. Getting better sleep for our kids seems to be everyone’s goal, and it is so easy! Incorporating oils into our nightly routine has changed everything. Each bedroom in our home has a diffuser and every night we add in essential oils that create a soothing environment and promote a full night of healthy, restful sleep. 

Hair Tutorial: Half Up Side Braid

May 22, 2019

A sweet friend came over the other day and did my hair for me. It was such a gift to have those moments for self care and to spend time connecting. She gave me the dreamiest braid, and I am excited to share what that was like, step by step!

She started with soft curls. Having hair that isn’t freshly washed is best for longer hold, and she used a curling iron with a bigger barrel to create a more natural look.

Next, starting at the top of my scalp, she did an inside out braid down one side. She kept it loose as she braided.

Then to create a softer look, she gently pulled each part of the braid outward to make the braid appear thicker.

She pinned it off about halfway back, and then we added in some pretty clips that I found on Amazon! (similar set here)

The whole process didn’t take long at all, and I felt amazing all day! It even lasted through date night, which was such a happy coincidence. Taking a few extra minutes to add some special touches to our hair can help us feel pulled together and more confident, no matter where we’re going or what we’re doing, and is always worth it.

Campout Weekend.

May 20, 2019

A few weekends ago the girls got to go on a school campout with Chris. This was the first time they were able to go together as sisters ( usually the campouts are separate by grade) and this was Ainsleigh's last one ( she "feathered out") so they got to experience it together as she said goodbye! 

They did the water trapeze, horseback riding, the ropes course, singing songs by the fire and so much more! 

These weekends are always so special. Not only intentional time for daddies with their daughters but a way for them to be with their buddies from school in such a uniques setting. Community, fellowship.

As I watched through the videos that Chris took throughout the weekend, I couldn't help but just think about the love and memories being sealed in their little hearts. 

Total sweethearts! 

Aiden Story.

May 18, 2019

I wanted to share this story with you. 

This past year two of our kiddos had to practice bravery when it came to going to school for various reasons. Nothing was going on other than just a longing to be home ( no circumstances happening at school making them feel this way). Anyways, specifically with Aiden if you look back on his journey with getting HSP its been a hard few years- a ton of bravery, a ton to overcome, trauma to work through. Not to mention he is LITERALLY the most tender precious human being in the world. 

I have shared before that my struggle as a mama really is letting them experience hard things and to be honest if I look back on the past two years, he has been through enough. More than some adults that I know. I can remember being a little girl laying in bed at night asking and praying that I could take on any heartbreak for my little brother because I couldn't handle the thought of it. Now multiply that a million as a mama. 

Each year there have been small ways the Lord has said, " Casey let him grow here, this is good for him." Its been incredibly hard for me. So in the beginning of this year as this was happening everything in me wanted to just pull him out. Remove him from the struggle, take it away. But Chris and I prayed and prayed and kept feeling the Lord say, " Let him see his bravery. He is safe and loved and cared for and this is a good strength being moved in him." 

I sat in a conference with his PRECIOUS teacher with tears streaming as we talked about him strengthening in his own faith, his own trust in the Lord and how it was a beautiful thing for me to step back and let him spread his wings. I often say to myself " Casey we want strong healthy adults" even when it feels painful. 

Teachers are heroes. 

They love on our babies in those precious hours when we are apart and have that beautiful opportunity to step into roles that forever impact them. I knew shed be able to nudge Aiden ways that I couldn't. The Lord is sweet, and He is so so faithful. As we creep up on the end of the school year I was telling his precious teacher that he had prayed the night before thanking God for her. In his prayer he said, " you knew I would need her this year." She shared with me this precious letter that he put on her desk ( only sharing part of it) but asked his permission to share here because you can SEE what God was doing. You can see that Aiden was CHANGED by this and even though we as parents were walking this, he too was able to see Gods goodness- see his own bravery and strength and I am SO thankful for the ways we always listen to what we feel like is best for our kiddos situation by situation.

Your Beach Packing List

We are heading into another summer of ADVENTURE! 
I put together a fun packing list to share with you of FAVORITES! I am bringing these cute towels and this adorable umbrella to Florida! 

TOf saying YES to snorkeling in the ocean with my kids, cannonballs into the pool under the moonlight, dance parties, building sand castles WITH them, late light movies and snuggles in our bed. It’s yes to being thankful for legs that run, eyes that see and lungs that breathe. We have so few years of this- I will soak in every last drop and every little moment from big to small. Im not going to miss a thing. The way they smile when they see me dive into a wave, the way their hair glistens in the sunset or the way their eyes light up as they soak in the wonder. Thank you Lord for these gifts- I won’t miss a moment of the beauty that they are.

Mommy & Me

May 17, 2019

Having daughters has been one of the sweetest gifts in my life. 

I love coordinating our outfits and creating “mommy and me” looks that make occasions so special! They think it is soooo fun to all match and I know they wont always feel that way! 

These days are fleeting, and I know they won’t last forever. But there is something so fun about taking the time to style our looks and dressing up with my girls even if its just a silly dress up day at home.

After watching Tangled over and over we finally decided it would be so fun to do a mommy and me dress up day where my friend came and did a pretend "spa" and we did Rapunzel braids. 

It was ADORABLE and immediately Apple was pulling out her dolls and all of her play hair stuff! 

I hope they’ll look back on these times together with the joy that I do, a special little connection in all these sweet moments. Whether it be rapunzel costume dress up, matching swimsuits or simply just a pretend spa day- these are the days! 

What an honor it is to have these sweet little kiddos who look to me for comfort, security, cuddles, a good cry, and plenty of good laughs - it is something I cannot take for granted!💕 

While they love fun adventures and exploring the world, they are equally delighted with slow, intentional times at home, building forts, baking together, and a good tea party.  There are so many ways to be intentional in our homes with our kiddos, encouraging their little imaginations, and playing with them in their little worlds...

These are surely the days I dreamed of, and I’m so thankful for every little moment together!

Flowers in My Sink: Keep your Flowers looking Fresh, Longer!

May 16, 2019


Having fresh flowers around our home is one of my very favorite things. Bringing so much colorful, natural beauty inside to enjoy is an easy way to bring happiness all over the house. I love picking out the perfect blooms every week and taking in their beauty for the days that follow!

I have some tips to help you keep your own flowers looking fresh longer, too!

1. Snip the ends of the stems! This is such an important step. Be sure to cut at a bit of an angle to allow better water absorption. Repeat every few days when you change the water. While you have your scissors out, trim off any leaves that will be below the water line.

2. Use cool water. Florists actually keep most fresh flower refrigerated, so starting with cool water is key to keeping your flowers looking their best. 

3. Grab your Thieves or Purification! Add a pinch of sugar to the water, along with a drop or two of Thieves or Purification, and your bouquet will last so much longer! I’m always amazed! You can also add a penny to the bottom of your vase or jar. The copper acts as an acidifier, which helps the flowers to stay fresh.

4. Keep flowers out of direct sunlight, and away from fruit. This is a new one to me! But I just recently learned that ripening fruit can release tiny amounts of gas that can actually damage your flowers.

Having fresh flowers can bring so much cheer to any space, and with a few easy steps, you can keep them looking bright and beautiful so much longer!