it's wedding time.

July 24, 2014

It's wedding time!!! I am so excited for my baby brother and his bride to be, today everything started for their wedding and all the fun festivities. I am so honored to be my brother's "best man" and stand beside him on this amazing day. 
Can't wait to share photos from the big weekend & more from the beach when we return!

ALSO! Dallas friends! I am going to speaking at the Hundred Event August 8-10, you can check it out here! I am going to be talking about social media & photography! My dear friend Bridget is one of the hosts & Kendi will be there speaking as well! come hang with us! 


beach love.

July 22, 2014

a few photos from our road trip so far, we are having a blast!

Tuesday Giveaway.

July 21, 2014

I absolutely adore my necklaces from Barberry & Lace. They are beautiful stacked or beautiful on their own. My sweet Ainsleigh has been borrowing one from my stack lately and loves to wear it as well! They are great quality, minimal yet stunning and great prices. So excited to share this lovely shop with you today! 

"Barberry + Lace has been adding that little sparkle to fashion for the last 4 years and we're excited to introduce our new line! Minimalist, geometric, high quality layering jewelry in both Sterling Silver and 14k Gold Fill - perfect for everyday wear! Mix and match or wear each piece individually… we know you'll love adding to your collection as you go!"

10%, coupon code will be CASEY10.

Giveaway: Layering Necklaces Set in winner's choice of Sterling Silver or 14k Gold Fill + winner's choice of gemstone, a $93 value.

Beach Wear.

July 20, 2014

Kimono c/o: Shop Love Threads 
Swimsuit c/o: Triangl Swimwear 
Pants c/o: Windsor Store

journey with me.

July 18, 2014

I have been using Essential Oils for over a year now but just recently decided to start sharing more about how we use them, what works for us and more. I am obsessed with building communities because I think it's something we all need and crave....people to connect with, a place to be a part of. That is my first goal with this new venture! Cultivating this community that I see happening. 

If you have been curious about oils, have hesitation but want to learn more, are wanting to dive in, are wanting to build a business, already use them and love them, want to hear testimonials- anyone can come along! I have a closed Facebook group, (click here) or  just search CaseyLeigh Essentials and request an invite.

My new website all about oils can be found here. I will be updating it with classes and videos along the way.

I will be teaching a FREE online class, check it out here!

If you are in the DFW area: I will be hosting a class, please come!!! 
It's free.
Invite friends!! 
see event info here.

where we are going.

July 17, 2014

( a few first peeks into our new space)

( all c/o) weaving here // panting of ains& apple here // antlers here // verse print here // photos hanging here // bunting here // brave hoop here 

So many people have been curious where are we going?! Our house lists after next week and we wanted to be out before it goes on the market. It was already emotional to leave and so we thought it would ease that a bit if we could get out on our own timing and list it, that way when it sells it has a little less sting to it ;). 

We are moving to a smaller (to me) town about 25 minutes outside of Dallas... we are downsizing and taking a season to live more simply. We are leaving the heart of downtown Dallas and heading out! Simple in the sense, we are away from the fast pace of living in a big city, we donated trailer loads of our stuff, we have less room. less stuff. We want to grow gardens and live with adventure and have come to the conclusion that this is a good step for a short season of that. We are moving from downtown in the city, out where there is more land. All our sweet pets are coming along of course! I already have big plans for gardens, a bigger coop and a Koi pond for Aiden. Lots of fun projects! 

This will be a time where we can pay off the rest of the student loans, we can save for our dream home/forever home, we can do more. Aiden is enrolled in an amazing private school in Dallas for Kindergarten in the fall and we will just commute in for this year for those few days (it is not a full week program). 

We figure if there is ever a year to do this, this is it!

We leave Monday for the beach and my brother's wedding! I have some posts scheduled and will be posting pics along the way on instagram! 



July 16, 2014

T-shirt c/o: The Shine Project 
(read the story behind the shirt here & purchase here
Love what the Shine Project does to change people's lives!)
Necklaces c/o: Barberry & Lace