September 21, 2018

It’s been my moms dream for years and years to have us all in Nantucket together. 

My parents, my family, my brother and his sweet family- all under one roof again. 

She said that every year she dreamt of riding bikes to the lighthouse with her grandchildren and so this is the trip where all those dreams become real memories. 

I loved hearing their voices as they saw it for the first time. The summer of awe & wonder, the summer of adventure.

If you ask Ainsleigh her favorite trip of the summer, without hesitation she will say this one! 

We rode bikes, we ate and talked and played. It was beyond lovely.

I can still feel the night air as we sleep with the windows open and I can hear their voices as they squeal with joy riding our bikes down the long hill. 

A dream trip. Truly.....memories sealed up in our hearts forever and always. 


Ainsleigh Kate Party Pics

On Friday we brought treats up to her class at school for lunch and I told her class why we call her our sunshine girl. I started to tell about how she radiates light and love and joy and before I could even go on they all began to chime in : “she’s sunshine where ever she goes!, she’s the huggiest/ sweetest friend, she’s so kind and happy and she’s love!” It was so sweet. Even second graders only a month into school easily see what we see every day. 

A few photos from my sweet Ainsleigh’s special day. 

Y’all even when we didn’t have much, I would find all the ways to make holidays and birthdays extra special. You would be surprised how far some balloons and streamers and glitter and dollar store items can go. Hand written letters and colored birthday signs with homemade cupcakes. 

It’s in the morning playlist dance party and In the wrapped up notes. Family and love are where the magic is born from. What are ways you like to make special days magical?

We had a pool party with some of her close buddies and celebrated her sweet self! 

We love you baby girl, you are our sunshine. ☀️☀️☀️

Ainsleigh - Eight.

September 15, 2018

Tomorrow you are eight. 

I am up looking through baby pictures of you, remembering how you smelled and looked and how I felt from the moment that my heart met you. 

In a million dreams, I could never imagine a gift like you. 

My sunshine girl. 

I still remember the day she was born- her tiny little nose and her glowing cheeks. She was fragile and precious and I will never get over the gift that she is. She’s brave, adventurous, confident. 

She lights up every room and touches something in everyone she meets. 

She’s special and I really truly can’t believe that I get to be her mama. She has a mighty purpose and what an honor it will be to watch her step into that. 

Her heart oozes compassion and her fun spirit is infectious. Ainsleigh Kate, you are my light and love. ✨✨☀️☀️

Happy Birthday my love.


September 10, 2018

Finally sharing a handful of our New York photos from this summer! 

This was a dream trip. 
We stayed at the Plaza Hotel and did so many memorable things together as a family. 
This was our summer of adventure- it was a summer we will never ever forget. 

The kids could not get over the view of the city! 

We ran through Central Park in the rain laughing until tears came. And then had ice cream sundaes in front of this view. I stopped and kissed each of them- “kisses in the rain in NYC!”. I see the magic in their eyes!

Some favorites were: Seeing the statue of Liberty, the American Doll girl store, Top of the Rock, The SeaGlass Carousel at Battery Park, Central Park, Times Square, Ice cream sundaes at the Plaza and just exploring together as a fam. 

The way she smiled at me while we were there, the look in their eyes, the stirring in theirs hearts, the dreams that began. The awe & wonder. Magic 🍎🌟

They really can’t get over all of it. We watched tons of New York movies leading up to this trip to get them excited but there is nothing like seeing their faces as they experience this in real life. They’ll forever have these memories of us all here together- no matter where life takes us, these are forever sealed in us.

Chocolate Chip pancakes, the city, the fun! Central Park, you did not disappoint 🍃🙌! We played, ran in the rain, explored and experienced. For years and years and years I let fear lead the way on my decisions and even the way I dreamed. Then I didn’t. Anymore. And now I see the world with them by my side. Hey loves, let’s adventure together !