life lately.

May 27, 2017

My big kids last day of school was this week and every year I think im not gonna be emotional and then who am I kidding, I felt like if I took a breath I would break into a big heaving sob 😭. 

Like how do you say thank you? 

How do you look someone in the eye and even remotely put into words what it means that they pour that amount of hours and love and care into the things that mean the very most to me in life. 

There is never enough words, never enough thanks yous. Teachers are world changers. What an indescribable gift that they give. I said I couldn't even think about stepping out of those walls for the last time, forever grateful ❤️

We leave Monday morning for some traveling + adventures! Most of June!
We are sooooo excited! 

Also my little peach will be 10 months old this week, CANNOT believe it. She is our little angel babe, we are so smitten over here! 

Okay Aiden before bed was half drifting off to sleep and said to me " I hope that someday I have one boy and 3 girls so my family can be just like ours"...then I almost died from the sweetness and said "oh my goodness, I love you so much...I could never deserve you."

and half awake/ half asleep he said " you deserve me and more"


^^^ smile! 

^^^ Mother's day goodies..... pretty much all ways that lead to my heart ;)

I cannot fathom that my little sunshine girl just finished Kindergarten and is a first grader, ahhhh! 
Seriously SO proud of both Aiden and Ains, and how phenomenal they both did this year. 

First smoothie bowl, it was amaze. 

We made a little video about it here.....these are now in the daily routine, swoon! 

Oh! and random... So, for the last 6 weeks Chris and I have been doing a clean eating program and being intentional about exercise. I was dreading it big time BUT it has actually been unbelievable.

I have truly never felt better and really feel like my taste buds have changed?? I CRAVE grapefruit and carrots on the regular now. It was one of the best decisions ever to do for me! Sharing in case this gives you a nudge to take a leap with that! 

Okay, we are off! I will have pics and updates between travels... happy summer! 

Oils + Baby.

May 08, 2017

Take a peek into just a few ways we love oils + these clean, safe products for our littles and this littlest peach of ours!


Want more info? Click here! 

Heading into May.

May 02, 2017

Time for an update! Life is good- BUSY!
We have some fun sweet memories that I wanted to make sure were here to remember... ballet recitals, campouts, first Easter, babies crawling and more! 

Our little peach is 9 months old May 2 (today!) and she is just crawling away!
She is such a pumpkin and we are all completely smitten with her!!!

She had her very First Easter and it was so special. 
First egg hunts, first Easter basket, first Easter story and more! We loved it :)

The girls have been soaking in every second together- literally two peas in a pod! I LOVEEE experiencing sisterhood through them. Everything about it is something so special and dear to my heart. The little moments to the big.

^^^ hilarious! 
face her and Ains make when they want something.... they do this little puppy noise, I mean who could say no to that??

Ains had her big recital in April and she was STUNNING. 

My breath was completely taken away. 
She looked so grown up this weekend at her recital. It took my breath away, like I had a glimpse of what it will be like as our children grow up and pursue their passions. Watching them step into the purpose and soar with their gifts. She was truly amazing ❤

We are READY for summer! 

No schedules, no homework, no agenda....we are literally counting the days.

Chris took Ainsleigh on her school campout and then the next weekend took Aiden on his....
this is always SUCH a special time.... 

Ains did the zipline, putt putt, ate smores and more! 

Aiden's fav spot- fishing! 

This is a pretty accurate representation of 9 months LOL!, crawling everywhere!!!!!!!!

Life is sweet, right in the thick of the good stuff. 
Couldn't be more thankful, full hearts over here! 

Us Lately.

April 04, 2017

I told Chris today, I'm going to miss this season of life so much someday. Bouncing babies, braiding hair, dance parties, silly fun. It's literally what I've always dreamed of. ❤❤❤

My sunshine girl Ainsleigh is almost done with Kindergarten, how is this even possible? She is reading and doing tennis and ballet and still lighting up every room she walks in!

She literally oozes light, friendship, love, confidence, kindness and sunshine. 

She has a confidence about her and this deep love for people yet also a tenderness that is so unique. She loves big and blesses my little heart on the regular. I constantly look at her and think, wow she's six years old and inspires me like crazy. 

I was thinking last night in the quiet of the night how lucky my kid's future spouses are. How I pray for them now, I pray that they love and cherish and adore my babies the way that I do each of them.

As they get older and our conversations get deeper, the more and more proud of these people that we are raising. Their sweet spirits, their hearts.... The Lord is so sweet to trust me with these precious souls.

My Aiden. Almost a third grader!!! He is still so incredibly tender, kind, precious....besides growing taller, his sweet spirit hasn't wavered a bit. I love hearing the things his teachers say about him and the notes that come home in his bag from kiddos in his class...basically a 100% confirmation that everyone else sees in him exactly what we cherish and adore about him so very much. You're one of a kind Aiden Wiegand! 

So much has been going on, its such a sweet season over here! 
Something I have been meaning to share for any mamas of tiny ones that has been such a blessing to me in this season..... since so many times a day is spent rocking my sweet Adelaide and also throughout the night...I put a good playlist on my phone. 

Mellow music, worship music....put it on softly while you're in this quiet moments and its so sweet. I also have my bible study on my phone to just take that time to slow down, pray over my kiddos, let the sweet music wash over us. Its really great.

8 months yesterday!!! What in the world?! She is such a precious pumpkin that we are all literally obsessed with! I truly can't imagine our world without yet...and yet after such a long season of losses....daily I look at her and say- I still cant believe you are here! 

She is so so incredibly loved and cherished! 

My sweet Apple, born such a nurturer. 

Sometimes I will hear dishes clanking and Im like "Apple!! you do not need to be going in and putting away dishes! go play!"- she literally just has it ooze out of her.... serving her family with the sweetest, softest spirit. She LOVES to help, love, give. She'll over-heard someone say something and already be sprinting to go and get it for them. 

I read a bible study this morning about "making room".... hospitality in the bible and making room for others. This is my Apple. She LOVES to watch over and protect and take care of her baby sis. Oh and her kitty Simon gets "mama-ed" THE sweetest. 

My little Appie girl. I know she'll always look out for all of us, it's just in her from such a young age.

Hope everyone has a beautiful week! 
Counting the days to summer over here! 


March 27, 2017

Eight. ❤😭 

At 11:32 on this day our eyes met for the first time- I'll never forget the way in an instant my heart changed forever. Our eyes locked and I realized that day my heart would never be the same, there would always be a piece of it with you. You are the most tender, precious, caring, amazing person and I literally can't believe that I get to be your mama. 

You light up every room, you change people's hearts, you touch people's lives. I've told you for years that you were created for something special and i cannot wait to watch and see. I love you something fierce. Recently your class wrote you letters and one of them said " you are the sweetest, funnest, kindest person I have ever met"- I couldn't agree more. 

I love you sweet boy.... You've forever moved me and changed me❤❤❤


February 10, 2017

For the past few years I have chosen a word for the year. 
It's something that means a lot to's just one way I see God tangibly moving and working in my life...I see the constant theme of the word coming up over and over again throughout the year. The word is a symbol for so much. 

Here are two posts ( here and here ) from 2015 when God was moving and using my word FREEDOM. 

Then last year 2016, was absolutely everything ABUNDANCE. I mean it was a life changing year in so many way. Abundance in life, abundance in redemption.... it was literally the perfect word for the year. There was an entire life switch into abundance. 

"Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine according to His power that is at work within us."

I pray and pray and pray and think about what word He is pressing on my heart. Each time I can look back at the year and the word and see EXACTLY why He gave me that word. Each year I have needed that word, it has been a theme, it has defined the year. 

I know I am posting this late but this year it took me bit to clearly hear what my word should be.

for 2017, SOAR

fly or rise high in the air.
increase rapidly above the usual level.

Incredibly excited to see what 2017 holds. Excited to see how SOAR is a theme for this year and the beauty in looking back and seeing it weaved perfectly throughout.

Little snippets from previous years:

2015. FREEDOM. 

"Little did I know how much I would need to embrace the word brave this year past year. So many things happened, so many hard roads, so much heartache. 2014 taught us much and I believe with my whole heart that 2015 is the spring after the long rain. It is the year of FREEDOM. My words for 2015 are BELIEVE & FREEDOM. I am going to claim them and let them take over every bit of me. I am claiming it now so that a year from now I can look back and say wow, those words were perfect for 2015.  

2014. BRAVE

For the past few years I have chosen a "word" for the year. 2014... my word is BRAVE. My whole life I have basically been the opposite of brave. I have been careful and I have been anxious. Ever since this post  I have been praying that I would be brave. I want my faith to be strong and to rest in His plan above my matter what it holds. I have a feeling in my gut that this year is going to entail trusting Him a lot. 
I want to be brave. 
I want to take this one, beautiful, precious life and I want to live it well. 
I want to literally run towards the plans that He has for me. I don't want to hesitate, I want to soar... arms spread wide open. 

This morning I woke up and Aiden's arms were around my neck. I pulled back and the sunlight was perfectly shining in on his face. I ran my hands across his forehead to brush back his sweet hair and just  thanked God for him. Then I turned my head and Ainsleigh was there too. They must have crept down the hall in the night and snuck in beside us. Her eyelashes and pouty lips were perfectly still as her tiny little lungs rose and fell. I could hear Apple stirring nearby. My precious Appie. These babies are such a gift.... I mean truly a gift. And having open hands with their precious lives is such a struggle for me.
But this is my year...the year where I am brave. 

2013 was HOPE.

" I have tangible hope in multiple areas. God redeemed my heartache. Sometimes I wonder if we as humans encounter heartache, loss and sadness not only because this is a fallen and sinful world. An imperfect world. But also so that we can truly appreciate the joys as well. On a new level of appreciation. A new level of thanks. To balance out human perspective.This isn't heaven so we can't understand the whole picture. We must have hope to come out on the other side of tasting incredible sadness. I want to matter. and not in the "I am awesome and matter so much kind of way", I want my life to mean something. God has me here for a purpose and I am constantly seeking out what that is and what that looks like. I want my life to matter. I want to give hope. "

2012 was CHANGE.

"I have roots that run deep. 
The old me that I am constantly fighting... insecure, unforgiving,'s time to uproot and CHANGE.
 So this year I will keep the word peace as a daily mission and add the word change. 
Because it's time. 
Those poisonous roots have been in me far too long."

2011 was PEACE.

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God. Matthew 5:9 My all time favorite book, "A Beautiful Offering" has a chapter on peace... "When you decide to live out what you believe. When you decide you want peace in your possession, then you will find out what that looks like & feels like. You begin to pray for God to give you peace. You incorporate peace in your relationships. You decide to respond differently. You speak in love. Act in tenderness. You imitate what you know about peace until it becomes a reality for your character & your life." It is so convicting. Dying to your desire. Dying to your flesh. "He restores what has been broken & heals what has been wounded. I don't have peace because I figured it all out. I have peace because I believe in Christ."