Lost Pines.

June 06, 2017

We just got back from a week away with friends and it was an absolute blast! 
Pool, beach, bikes, fun, sun, s'mores & more! 

I seriously live for summer with no schedules, no agenda, no rushing around- just all of us together every second! 

Growing up we always had our traditions, our favorite spots that we would travel to year after year and the memories would just soak deep into our souls. 

I want that for my kiddos. I want the holidays, the traditions, the trips to be so special and the memories and the feelings soaked up deep inside. 

I grew up going to the place that we just got back from and can remember riding bikes as a family, doing the rafts on the lazy river and making s'mores around the fire each evening. 

They were moments and feelings and memories that I took into adulthood. 

And as I sat there with this sweet fam of mine, I kept thinking- I wished so much for this. For these sweet moments with them. 

For them to experience these same moments and feelings and memories. 

We went with some of the sweetest friends in the world and our kiddos ate up every second with their buddies as did we!  

Our kiddos got to ride horses one day which was a huge hit. And one afternoon all 3 of our big kids learned to ride their bikes without training wheels- it was such a big moment! 

Adelaide squealed with joy the whole time- she just eats up watching all the action :)

^^^ sweet friendships that will last a lifetime

I could cry with gratitude over these people. They are so loved and so cherished. Every night as I tuck each one in I praise God for their lives, their spirits, their dreams and the gift that they are. 

Full hearts. 

life lately.

May 27, 2017

My big kids last day of school was this week and every year I think im not gonna be emotional and then who am I kidding, I felt like if I took a breath I would break into a big heaving sob 😭. 

Like how do you say thank you? 

How do you look someone in the eye and even remotely put into words what it means that they pour that amount of hours and love and care into the things that mean the very most to me in life. 

There is never enough words, never enough thanks yous. Teachers are world changers. What an indescribable gift that they give. I said I couldn't even think about stepping out of those walls for the last time, forever grateful ❤️

We leave Monday morning for some traveling + adventures! Most of June!
We are sooooo excited! 

Also my little peach will be 10 months old this week, CANNOT believe it. She is our little angel babe, we are so smitten over here! 

Okay Aiden before bed was half drifting off to sleep and said to me " I hope that someday I have one boy and 3 girls so my family can be just like ours"...then I almost died from the sweetness and said "oh my goodness, I love you so much...I could never deserve you."

and half awake/ half asleep he said " you deserve me and more"


^^^ smile! 

^^^ Mother's day goodies..... pretty much all ways that lead to my heart ;)

I cannot fathom that my little sunshine girl just finished Kindergarten and is a first grader, ahhhh! 
Seriously SO proud of both Aiden and Ains, and how phenomenal they both did this year. 

First smoothie bowl, it was amaze. 

We made a little video about it here.....these are now in the daily routine, swoon! 

Oh! and random... So, for the last 6 weeks Chris and I have been doing a clean eating program and being intentional about exercise. I was dreading it big time BUT it has actually been unbelievable.

I have truly never felt better and really feel like my taste buds have changed?? I CRAVE grapefruit and carrots on the regular now. It was one of the best decisions ever to do for me! Sharing in case this gives you a nudge to take a leap with that! 

Okay, we are off! I will have pics and updates between travels... happy summer! 

Oils + Baby.

May 08, 2017

Take a peek into just a few ways we love oils + these clean, safe products for our littles and this littlest peach of ours!


Want more info? Click here! 

Heading into May.

May 02, 2017

Time for an update! Life is good- BUSY!
We have some fun sweet memories that I wanted to make sure were here to remember... ballet recitals, campouts, first Easter, babies crawling and more! 

Our little peach is 9 months old May 2 (today!) and she is just crawling away!
She is such a pumpkin and we are all completely smitten with her!!!

She had her very First Easter and it was so special. 
First egg hunts, first Easter basket, first Easter story and more! We loved it :)

The girls have been soaking in every second together- literally two peas in a pod! I LOVEEE experiencing sisterhood through them. Everything about it is something so special and dear to my heart. The little moments to the big.

^^^ hilarious! 
face her and Ains make when they want something.... they do this little puppy noise, I mean who could say no to that??

Ains had her big recital in April and she was STUNNING. 

My breath was completely taken away. 
She looked so grown up this weekend at her recital. It took my breath away, like I had a glimpse of what it will be like as our children grow up and pursue their passions. Watching them step into the purpose and soar with their gifts. She was truly amazing ❤

We are READY for summer! 

No schedules, no homework, no agenda....we are literally counting the days.

Chris took Ainsleigh on her school campout and then the next weekend took Aiden on his....
this is always SUCH a special time.... 

Ains did the zipline, putt putt, ate smores and more! 

Aiden's fav spot- fishing! 

This is a pretty accurate representation of 9 months LOL!, crawling everywhere!!!!!!!!

Life is sweet, right in the thick of the good stuff. 
Couldn't be more thankful, full hearts over here!