Ains Party day in pics.

September 19, 2017

a new home.

September 18, 2017

Fun Secret. We are moving!! 

I literally can't sleep at night bc my mind is spinning with ideas, creativity in full force. Each kiddo gets a room which will be a change for us! Right now Addie doesn't have a room (crib is with us) and the girls share a room. And while this was perfect for a dozen reasons in this season, I'm so excited for this new season to come . 

Cried today thanking our Landlord who took a big chance on us moving in this house we are in 3 years ago. We literally put together a slideshow to "pitch" our freelance ways and how we'd never miss a payment. He took a risk and im forever grateful. 

So much redemption and change has happened since living here. We had our rainbow babe. Our life went in a new direction we never imagined work wise and a lot of broken pieces of our hearts got pieced back together. 

It's hard to walk away from a place where you were made whole again but thankful to leave on such a sweet note.


September 15, 2017

Ainsleigh Kate. 
On September 16, 6 lbs 7 changed my life forever.

My first daughter. A baby girl.

Your precious contagious kind spirit is literally so special.  

Literally every single morning I wake up with this sweet sunshine by me..... and with out fail every morning she wakes me up to something sweeter than I could imagine. I'm always barely opening an eye/ still half asleep and day after day she's inches from me, squished up real close "Mama? You awake? Mama I love you, you are my heart. "

I got an email about her last week that said " I love your little girl, she has such a sweet innocence about her that grabs a hold of my heart." 

I can't believe she will be seven tomorrow. My heart might just burst

 I will never forget the moment you were placed in my arms. My hands shook as I looked into your clear blue eyes and kissed your tiny button nose.  You smelled like an angel and have been a ball of light ever since that day. 

You were everything from the first moments. 

You are my little light, you light up every room and touch every life that you meet. 

You are my sunshines girl, you are adventurous and independent. Your personality is infectious sweet Ains. I told you this week how much I will miss someday braiding your beautiful hair every morning and you said, " mama! its ok! you can braid it even when Im grown up!"

You're sweet and funny, creative, musical, talented and kind. 

I tell you this all the time, but you are everything I always wished I could be- confident and brave. 
Thank you for being you, for filling a hole in my heart that I never knew existed. 

I am the luckiest,
love, mama

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Aiden's Story.

September 08, 2017

(picture ^ this week home from school)

To say he's been through a lot since March is a huge understatement. I haven't shared about this because I want to protect his story, it's his - not mine to tell. But he told me today I should share as we talked and talked about this road for our family. Aiden was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune in March and the road we have walked (still walking) has been very long. Before this I didn't really understand what something like this looked like but now I know. 

I see his eyes. 
There is a face to this story, a life. We see him living it. 

To watch our sweet boy who is everything to us suffer the way he has/is has broken our hearts. We currently have him under the care of our pediatrician, a GI doctor, a nephrologist and our holistic doctor to approach things from all different angles. All different approaches to medicine. Honestly all working together to piece the puzzle together . We also have adopted a different diet for him and have removed as many toxins from his everyday life as we can. 

It's crazy because (just like my miscarriage story, link here) if I hadn't walked into this community with oils and natural living that I am in now, I would have NEVER known about root causes, I would have never known about advocating on his behalf...there are things that were avoided because of all of the knowledge we had gained. There are ways we can support him that have blessed us more than words can say. 

I felt a pull to share in hopes to bring light to these stories. to bring hope as we find more and more answers. and as we use various things to support his little body in every way we can. 

Lord use this in some way. 

A friend of ours in March sent out an email and it read,

"As you might be aware, Aiden has been out of school for the past 3 weeks, with a disorder that causes inflammation and bleeding in the small blood vessels in your skin, joints, intestines and kidneys. 
For Aiden, he is experiencing very severe abdominal pain, aching in the joints (arthritic-like), and severe rashes occur on occasion. There is no "cure" or antibiotic that can resolve the situation; only time. The length of time for recovery is variable, so this has turned into an exercise in pain management and supporting the immune system. Hard to imagine the challenge of seeing your child in severe pain and trying to balance the decisions. Tough position to be in as a parent. We had the opportunity to go over to the Wiegand's home and pray with them last night, along with other friends/family, for Aiden's immediate and long-term needs. 
Frankly, I had no idea what he is going thru and the toll it is taking on Chris and Casey, and wanted to share my understanding so you and your families can continue to pray for the Wiegands. 
When we were there, we all gathered in the living room with Aiden laying on the couch. To see Aiden in his current condition is heartbreaking. 
The jovial, talkative, dinosaur-loving young boy we have all come to know and love was sullen, drained, and just quiet and curled up under a blanket on the couch. Chris and Casey got us up to speed on everything, and then we went around the room praying to God for Aiden's healing. 
To hear the hearts of God's people crying (literally) out for Aiden was moving, especially to hear Chris's heart. The timing and duration of the pain is not predictable which has taken a toll on all of them. 
We spoke to Chris at length and he is approaching all of this with amazing faith and wrestling with God in an honorable manner. He is broken over this as you might imagine and is fully surrendering this to God's will, while obviously praying for Aiden's full healing and relief of pain." 

^ aiden before and then aiden in the hospital

One of my dearest friends wrote a post about her walk with her autoimmune and soooo many things hit home ( her post here). 

Just like with my miscarriages we seek answers for the root causes. Food changes, medicine, supplements.... all working together on his behalf. There was a night in March where Chris and I, Chris brother, my dad and some men from our church prayed over Aiden and literally wept over him. It was a powerful night and something that I thought- wow I'm going to choose to focus on the ways this night is impacting our boy. 

Our sweet guy has been so courageous and precious. Everything about his tender, sweet spirit is such a treasure and a gift to all who know him. We won't stop advocating on his behalf. 

His life looks different today, our life looks different. 

If you walk with an autoimmune, if you walk with a chronic illness, if you wake up every day and you also are a face to a number.... I see you. 
I get it now.

Aiden, who you are has changed my life forever. You're a light, you're kind and tender and so so special. Ive never known anyone like you. 

Your precious heart is one in a million. 

I have had this song on repeat this week....Lord, I trust you with my world. He is yours before he is mine. The moment my eyes met his for the first time my life forever changed. I would take all of his pain if I could. Lord, I don't understand, but I trust you. 

Apple's Day

September 04, 2017

A few photos from my sweet Apple's birthday! 

She had a small handful of her closest buddies over and we celebrated this precious life! 
Apple is such a unique, precious little soul....filled with love and care for every person she knows. It's beyond beautiful! 

Apple never wants the attention on her but we still celebrated big this little angel! 

Someone recently said to me about Apple, wow her qualities are truly so special. I can't wait to see how the Lord uses this big heart of hers throughout her life.

We adore you baby!