A quick Hair DIY.

April 18, 2019

Want an extra kick of moisturization for your daily routine? This little combo is easy to whip up and keep next to your makeup so you’ll remember to apply every day.
+Fractionated coconut oil (1tbsp)
+Vitamin E (1 tbsp)
+¼ cup of distilled water
+10 drops of each of Lavender, Cedarwood, and Rosemary

Shake up your bottle and apply while getting ready.

I especially love this heading into summer for that sun/ pool / beach hair....I have found my hair LOVES this quick little DIY spray! Also smells like a dream! 

Spain Trip

April 17, 2019

5 years ago my journey with oils started when we had lost our 3rd baby and I was sent down a path I NEVER expected. We began our journey into being aware of what was in our products, our water, our home. We switched products in our house ( ones you think are safe- might not be 😭) , fell in love with oils and changed our life 🌿❤️. I had no idea how much I was missing out on and couldn't be MORE grateful to where this path has lead me!

When I first began I said I wasn't telling anyone then quickly knew I heard God's whisper.... " Casey, open up your hands. Unclench your fists with this story and watch what I can do." It was like a WAVE, a movement, a momentum the could not be stopped. Families saying YES and now 75,000 families later and on a mission to get safe clean products in every home. So so much work but the very best kind. 

Chris has always pushed me to dream, leap, do, chase. He's he biggest gift to our family, I wouldn't even be able to begin with a list because it would be so long. 

From art studios, documentaries, our show with the design network, remodeling projects, the blog, our oil biz, our blog conference .... just to a name a few - thank you babe for dreaming big with me, always saying- yes! Let's do it! For being everything & more I could ever have hoped for. 

When I tell him I have an idea or a dream, he says “how can we make that happen”.

This sweet daddy who has never missed a presentation FaceTimed in from a speeding train in Spain to watch our girl present on Charlottes Web. My heart 😭❤️

 Sometimes I feel let to go and sometimes I feel led to stay, so grateful for the freedom to choose either way! I sent my guy off to Spain with his brother for a trip of a lifetime! 

Planting and harvesting cistus in Seville, Spain!

At 22 years old Im not sure I could really truly grasp what it would mean to build a life with someone and to walk through all the highs and lows together but Im forever grateful it was you. Yesterday with the sunlight pouring in, Father of the Bride soundtrack playing while we cooked, kids rollerblading around the house in their jammies- I couldn’t help but just be so grateful for this beautiful life. Thankful every day. 
If you are new around here and see a lot of pretty pictures- know there was much hardship leading here. Financial struggles, a child in the ICU, an autoimmune disease, 4 separate NICU babies, a closed art studio, 3 miscarriages, high risk pregnancies and there is even more beyond this list. We have trenched through much hurt to land where you see us today. And always clung to finding the beauty in our everydays as we took steps forward. Remember that you never know where someone is at in their own story. Thankful for what the Lord has done in my heart along the way.

What is on your dream bucket list to travel to?! 

Texas Tulips.

April 15, 2019

Recently we went to a Texas Tulips farm and it was pure beauty. 

Just literally beauty all around 🌷🌷. What is it that makes you feel alive?✨✨✨ 

Running in a field of flowers, dancing in the kitchen while the afternoon light pours in, a good cry. Tell me, what inspires you, what makes your soul move?

Just rows and rows of color! 

5 days to a cleaner home.

April 14, 2019


Spring is in the air and there is no better time for a fresh, clean home! I have put together a fun little five day challenge to motivate us as we do our Spring Cleaning!

Ombre Easter Egg cookies & an Easter Cake

April 13, 2019

So many happy colors in my kitchen this morning!

Ombré Easter egg cookies, Easter eggs, a colorful cake and a pretty Easter banner! 

LOVED reading your Easter traditions recently on insta. When I was a little girl every Easter we would ride our bikes to the park and my dad would tell us the story of Easter on a big picnic blanket under this gorgeous tree. 

We always went to the same spot and I’ll never forget how those moments made me feel. 🌈🌈🌷🌷

Easter is such a beautiful time of the year - it’s Spring, everything is in bloom, and we have the hope of resurrection right in front of us. 

Creating traditions with the kids, special memories is so important every day, but there is something extra wonderful about those holiday moments. Sweet treats, telling the story of Easter, creating bursts of celebration - it’s the very best.

Cookies and Cake By Kathleen Campbell HERE

Double Half Up Braid

April 12, 2019

Bringing HAIR tutorials back! This was SUCH a fun morning with 
my sweet friend Lauren ! We decided to do a Double Half up braid and 
I was completely in love with it! 

She parted my hair down the middle and started the two braids up at the top. 
She did the braids " inside out" and then did the pull technique to make them appear super thick! 

Pull technique is when you grab the side of the braids all the way down and pull them out along the way to make them appear thicker.

Once she had the two separate braids finished and little clear bands tied on the bottom of each: she combined them into a large "messy" bun! 

Then she used a wand for some soft waves in my hair that was left down. 
SUPER cute! 

Naturally Dyed- Easter Eggs

April 11, 2019

As we looked into getting toxins out of our home over the last couple of years, we also started looking into dyes that go into our foods. I knew that as I created these special moments with the kids - even things like how we dye our Easter eggs matters! 

There are so many beautiful colors found in fruits and vegetables - making your own natural dye isn’t too complicated and can bring so much beauty to your holiday traditions!! 

Want an easy Natural egg dye kit? HERE is one we tried also! 

The process takes a little longer than store bought kits, but it’s such a fun experience for the kids, and a great lesson in patience ;) I did link above the store bought kits for those of you wanting that instead though! 

If you’re a homeschooling mama, this would a great addition to your science lessons!

You’ll need to get your ingredients that create the color.
For pink: two cups of grated beets and two cups of water.
For orange: two cups of yellow onion skins and three cups of water.
For yellow: a tablespoon of tumeric and two cups of water.
For greenish blue: hibiscus tea, steeped extra strong.

To create the colorful dye, add the ingredients for each to separate pots. Let them simmer anywhere from 15-45 minutes. The longer you let the color develop, the richer it’ll be! Remove from heat and let cool to room temp. Add a tablespoon of white vinegar to each mixture and you’re ready to dye your eggs! (This is a great time to diffuse some Purification because those ingredients are pretty strong smelling!)

Once your eggs are hardboiled and cooled, add them to the colors of your choice. You can let them sit for a couple of hours, or overnight for the deepest hues. 

Have fun creating sweet memories with your little ones, and learning something about nature all along the way! A rainbow straight from all natural ingredients is such a beautiful thing!

Two posts I loved on Natural dyed Easter eggs you should check out, here & here
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