Outdoor Party.

May 24, 2018

Super honored and excited to have my cute crew over on PEOPLE.COM ! 
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We are obviously obsessed with Joanna Gaines and her amazing line at Target- we were completely thrilled to share! 

“I love to have water and fresh ice pops out all the time — we put orange juice and grape juice in molds to make our own little popsicles!”

With 4 little ones we are always going from one thing to the next so having a good picnic set that is ready to grab is such a gift!

When we moved into this home we said that we really wanted our kids friends and their families to be over here enjoying the pool and the backyard often. This collection is PERFECT for family fun and hosting people in our home! From the coolers to the games, it really is everything we need to fellowship with families and friends we love. There is nothing better than food, friends, and family!

Her go-to outdoor dinner all summer long? “I would say mango pineapple juice mixed with a sparkling water, corn on the cob and a burger!”

“We are completely in love with the picnic and croquet sets – we haven’t stopped playing as a family since we bought it!” she says. “I actually grew up playing croquet in my front yard and so it’s so sweet to now play this with our littles.”


April 28, 2018

The summer of 2000 Chris worked at Kanakuk and met Jordan Critz - two creative guys that loved the Lord and they became friends. In 2005 when Chris and I started dating I remember going to meet his friends at a movie and him teasing that they had to like me ;)….little did I know as I walked up to that movie theatre that day and shook Kristen's hand for the very first time 13 years ago that we would be running businesses along side each other and skiing together in Banff Canada. 

Our friendships kept going through talking as struggling artists and loss and hard stuff. I bought a kit 3.5 years ago from Kristen after leaving 4th of July with my family and finally admitting to myself that something was off. I needed support and was ready to try anything. I had no idea what the Lord had been planning long before that day. Planting seeds and laying out a path- all it took was a yes from me every step of the way. 

Right after Ainsleigh was born I was up in my attic on my old computer and in the late of the night found myself on a blog post about a DIY wreath and got lost in words and photos and stories. I emailed a perfect stranger, Danielle Burkleo in the middle of the night and told her how her words moved something down deep in my heart. A friendship began and led to blogging together  unlocking pieces of my story that I wouldn't have found without her, trips together, doing life together, a best friend, a sisterhood. She filled a piece of my heart that didn't realize how much I needed her. 

Our guys became good friends through late night food runs for HopeSpoken a conference we dreamed and created together. They built stages along side each other and laughed as they let us dream and run towards seeds the Lord had stirred in our hearts. 

Jordan came in to lead worship for Hopespoken and a little couple from Dallas, New York and Tennessee all stood together and worshipped and poured out our souls as we had no idea what was laid out before us on the horizon. A deep connection and now here we are. 

A team of 46,000 people that are families with lives changing. Stories shifting. Someone said on this Canada trip, “ it takes a story to lead someone to say yes to this.” But what if it didn’t? What if there is MORE for you than where you’re at? 

It just takes belief, hard work and a YES. 

He led me to the most beautiful friendships and sisterhoods I could have never have dreamed of. Tea and soul convos with my girl Lesley Williams Graham and so many precious women that walk beside me day in and day out. Girls that have done soul-work along side me and changed pieces down deep in my heart. Lesley a forever sister.

Thank you Young Living for changing my life. My families stories and so many people that mean everything to me too. What an absolutely dream week with my husband in a beautiful place surrounded by beauty.

Thank you Young Living for changing my life. My families stories and so many people that mean everything to me too. What an absolutely dream week with my husband in a beautiful place surrounded by beauty.

It comes so naturally for me to sacrifice everything for my kiddos but what a beautiful reminder how being intentional in our marriages is the greatest gift. Trusting the Lord that he'll carry those babies as we step away for a week and coming back with full hearts. The heart of this company is something I am so proud to be a part of. Watching people's health stories change. Watching the testimonies roll in and then on the business side to see destinies unlocked. 

Thank you Lord for honoring my trembling hands and my yes.