Watercolor Photos.

July 11, 2017

4th of July.

July 08, 2017

I stood at the parade with Adelaide pressed close.... every time a honk or siren or band would pass I would bounce and shush and sing to keep her asleep. Trying to let my voice overpower the craziness happening around us. 

I stood in the back watching the big kids and worked hard to keep her sound asleep. I kept thinking about the countless moments that I've shared with each of them that were these little intimate and sweet moments.... moments in the back of presentations, moments in the quiet of the middle of the night, so many small moments where I gave more of myself when I thought that maybe I had nothing left. Yet we give again and again. 

Moments they might never remember but moments that have shaped huge pieces of my heart. 

Motherhood is truly the most beautiful gift I've ever been given. 
So thankful for every single piece of it.

^^^ 11 months old!!

It's our tradition to go to the parade every year and it was so sweet and so fun, I love being there with them so much.

Every week heading to church I think about how even in the littlest moments it amazes me how different my kiddos are and how they are wired and gifted..... how so deep down God created them with such unique personalities & strengths. 

The common thread is their kindness and love and tenderness, all displayed in such different ways. This one pictured ^^^, my independent sunshine girl yet I can count on every morning waking up with her by my side wrapped up in one of my tshirts and surrounded by my favorite quilts. 

Every week I can count on another one to well up with tears at the thought of spending an hour apart and another one to hurry and want to help take care of everyone. Wanting to help in every way possible. 

I love who they are and how they are wired. I love the way that each one make up a sweet family unit and bring such a beautiful piece to the puzzle of "us".

My mama made this cake for us every single year, adore passing on these sweet traditions to my people! 

Full hearts xoxo


June 30, 2017

June was one trip after the next...Lost Pines then Utah then Florida and it was an absolute blast.
Florida was literally my dream vacation!

Being with my sweet people in a house on the beach in Watercolor Florida was everything I hoped it would be..... a place I hope we go back to many many times!

Summer is seriously my favorite....doing life without the schedules and constant of school and activities....just a slow pace of all being together all the time....it makes my heart literally sing. 

^^^ our home for the week! 

Like one minute from the house ( walking or riding bike distance) there is a row of the CUTEST food trucks and we would get these amazing giant snocones everyday, swoon! 

Adelaide LOVED the beach and the water and the sand!

Lots of amazing beach naps! 

The kids were in heaven. Not only was the beach a blast, but there was a pool nearby that we went to all.the.time! Plus bikes, great eating and tons of shopping :)

One morning we were out there early and Aiden spotted this huge, beautiful stingray right on the beach edge! Made his whole day! He also got to go out on Fishing trip the second day and he caught a bunch....he loved it!!

^^^ My everything wrapped up in one photo :)

Rainbow cake, looking out at the ocean, on our beautiful porch. SO GOOD.

I may or may not have gotten way too many bathroom design ideas being at this house and Chris is already working away ;)

Every single moment shared with these precious people is the ultimate gift...I am so grateful and will forever cherish every little memory and moment with all my heart. Love xoxo