Life Lately.

January 09, 2017

It's been awhile since I have written over here! This Christmas was so special and filled with so many sweet memories and moments that I will hold dear to my heart forever and ever. 

We surprised the kids with 3 new pets! Ainsleigh and Apple got two new orange Siberian kittens ( Arlo and Simon....lovingly named after the Good Dinosaur and Alvin and the Chipmunks) and Aiden got the chameleon he has been asking for! 

Never could I ever forget their reactions when they opened up a box of sweet little orange kittens and when Aiden turned the corner and saw his new tank + lizard. Surprises seriously are the best! 

The kittens have been SO precious- they are always asleep cuddled up with the girls and have the most precious, sweet demeanors.

This little miss had her very first Christmas and smiled the while way through it! She's 5 months old ( which I literally cant believe) and she's just as sweet as pie. We are all literally obsessed with her and I truly can;t imagine our world without her in it! 

We desperately soaked in all the family time while the kids were home for break. All my little chickens under one roof is when my heart is most content. 

All of the Christmas traditions that I grew up doing as a child, we have passed on to this sweet family of mine...Christmas cookies, candlelight Christmas Eve service, stockings the night before, Gingerbread houses, hot coco as we put up Christmas lights, Christmas movies and music, the list goes on...

I will never have the words of what these people mean to me. The love is such a deep-gut love that I know I can never explain to them. My gratitude is overflowing. 

You guys have made all my dreams come true. 

Blog How to & Email List.

January 08, 2017

I rarely talk about CaseyLeigh Essentials business over here but the truth is over the last two and half years it has radically changed our life. 

Residual income, a community that feels like a family- a true sisterhood, an outlet for dreamers and lovers of wellness and walking along side people who want to change their lives. 

I finally quieted my heart and heard my word for the year- SOAR. 
Soar: fly or rise high. increase rapidly above the usual level. 
I am going to work on a post about my past words and how they have become an obvious theme for our years but this is a word I am sure of now as we head into 2017. 

This business can be for anyone, I know this with my whole heart to be true. Freedom. Thats the theme- and every time i feel cautious about sharing it, I remember that one yes can change lives. As of today my team has close to 11,000 people on it. So many people that have said yes. 

Today I woke up to an email from Young Living saying that we claimed the #1 spot on the Global Leadership Cruise to Honduras and Belize. I say WE because this represents each and every single person on my team. The business builders radically changing lives, this is the people saying YES to oils and clean products, this represents all of them. 
We rise by lifting others- let that always be our mantra. 
And while I generally feel weird about sharing this stuff and fun trips has 0% to do with why I do what i do, I felt a pull tonight to be open handed with something that is completely transforming our life and will not only impact my family and their lives forever but so many of the precious people who are saying yes as well. 

Thank you, Lord, for placing the dream in our hearts. Thank you for surrounding me with so many precious cheerleaders and dream seekers and for honoring my yes.

( and because I mention income, here is the income disclosure)

I decided to start an email list for anyone and everyone.
Intimidated? Curious? Overwhelmed? Check it out! 


On a totally Different Note!!!

I'm so excited to be part of this online live workshop, January 25-27th, with 14 other amazing speakers. 

If you want to learn more about goal setting, business strategies, blogging, and so much more than be sure to sign up! And the best part is you can watch from the comfort of your home in your pajamas from 5-10 pm each night!  You can learn more about it from the link HERE

 But hurry before the early bird rate of $49 ends!

Buckwheat Pasta with Zucchini Pesto & Sunflower Seeds.

December 30, 2016

Find The Anti-Inflammatory Cookbook here!
Photography by Melina Hammer 

it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

December 20, 2016


December 14, 2016

SO proud of you Christopher Wiegand !!!! 

This film has won many awards and is such a beautiful piece, SO excited that I can finally share it now! It completed the festival circuit and is now online! It's truly incredible to watch the person I love most, the person I get to do life with create in the way that God wired him. The way he tells stories blows me away every time! 



Led by a mysterious compass, a homeless woman embarks on a perilous journey to find healing for her broken hands.
/// Adapted from Mark 5:34 \\\ 
He said to her, “Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering."

Meredith Adams (IMDb)
Andrea Cohen (IMDb)
Luke Coffee (IMDb)
Grant James (IMDb)
Ainsleigh Wiegand
Director: Christopher Wiegand (IMDb)
Written By: Alan Tregoning (IMDb)
Written By: 
Meredith Adams (IMDb)
Original Music: Jordan Critz
Director of Photography: Christopher Wiegand
Production Designer: Christopher Wiegand
Costume Design: Robin Cook
Makeup/Hair: Meredith Adams
Sound Designer: Christopher Wiegand
Editor: Christopher Wiegand
Boom Operator - Alan Tregoning
Production Assistant - Suzanne Adams
168 Film Project- Best Film (won)
168 Film Project- Best Director (won)
168 Film Project - Best Editor (won)
168 Film Project - Best Cinematography (won)
168 Film Project- Best Actress (won)
168 Film Project- Best Supporting Actress (won)
168 Film Project - Best Scriptural Integration (won)
168 Film Project- Best Sound Design (nominated)
168 Film Project- Best Production Design (nominated)
168 Film Project - Best Hair and Makeup (nominated)
 Faith Film fest - Best Short Film (won)
 Big As Texas Short Film fest - Best American Drama (nominated)
TAFF 2016 - Best Short Film Under 20 Minutes (nominated)
TAFF 2016 - Best Director (nominated)
TAFF 2016 - Best Cinematography (won)
TAFF 2016 - Best Visual Effects (nominated)
TAFF 2016 - Best Actress (nominated)
TAFF 2016 - Best Screenplay (nominated)
TAFF 2016 - Taffy Award (won)
Life Film fest 2016 - Best Cinematography (won)
Life Film fest 2016 - Best Narrative Short Film (won)
Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase - Best Foreign Short (nominated)
Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase - Best Foreign Family Short (nominated)
Burbank International Film fest 2016 - Best Faith Based Short Film (won)
CLIFF 2016 - Best Short Film (won)
CLIFF 2016 - Best of Fest (won)

NuRoo Baby.

December 12, 2016

All four of my kiddos are so different and were even different as babies, but one common theme that they all ADORED is the swaddle. Literally I swaddled all of them for so long and sweet baby Adelaide is following right in those footsteps. So a good swaddle is key! 

You guys, if they had blankets like this with my other kiddos I HAD NO IDEA! These are literally has this amazing velcro and there is seriously no way they can break out of it! 

Y'all these are AMAZING. 

And not only that but NuRoo baby has so many incredible products available from nursing covers to hats to carseat covers to these AMAZING shirts that let your baby snuggle up right on you. LOVE!

Another cool detail?? 

Yes, they thought of everything!!- the SAME blanket will work for 3 different sizes. So that means no buying more blankets at each new age! 

Apple LOVES when I swaddle Adelaide and then she swaddles her baby dolls too- its the sweetest! 

"We believe in the importance of the 4th trimester and the instinctual need you and your baby have to be close to each other. We believe in the power of touch: to heal, to comfort, to nurture and grow your baby.

We believe that details matter. What touches your baby’s skin has the power to make them feel safe, secure, and at ease in a world that is so new + overwhelming. Our signature fabric was researched and designed to be incredibly soft to the touch, holding your baby with the kind of gentle tenderness that you do.

We believe that parenting is one of the most amazing journeys, but also one of the most challenging. Without a doubt, it takes a village to raise a tiny human! We create products that make this wild ride a bit easier for you and your family. We’re here to support your journey, be on your side, be a part of your tribe."

Use coupon code CASEY for 20% off any NuRoo product!