Home Tour: Ainsleigh's Room.

March 15, 2018

My sweet Sunshine girl's room. 

Everything about this room makes me happy. Ainsleigh is so creative and tender and sweet and I just couldn't wait for her to have such a special little space to call her own.

Don't you love the "in between" photos when such a beautiful moment is captured?! 

For months Ainsleigh and I brainstormed about this space and talked through ideas- I was so excited to see her face as she saw it for the very first time! 

So many little details in this space are so perfect for our girl.

I love this girl so much...she has such a fun, adventurous, independent spirit YET also so kind, humble, tender and precious- she just spreads light and love wherever she goes, truly! 

This rocking chair was mine when I was a little girl! 

All her little "trinkets" and special things on her desk...melts my heart. 


March 13, 2018

Music is so important. It moves us, it inspires us- it can within a matter of moments change the mood or the setting. 

Music is an important piece to our days. Each of our kiddos have their own individual playlists and Chris and I often talk about how fun it is to see their own little desires and personalities expressed through music. 

Sometimes when I wake up and feel exhausted or the day is turning in a direction that I am not loving, I will put a song on our speaker and it immediately can shift the tone. 

Seriously- just try it. 

The Greatest Showman soundtrack is a daily over here for us. 
I love to watch my kids dream and hear and watched their little spirits be moved. 

We also let our kiddos explore and learn with their own music! We have microphones, a piano, keyboards and guitars where they can play and learn on their own. Music is a beautiful beautiful thing.

I close my eyes and I can see 
The world that's waiting up for me 
That I call my own 

Through the dark, through the door 
Through where no one's been before 

But it feels like home 
 They can say, they can say it all sounds crazy 
They can say, they can say I've lost my mind 

I don't care, I don't care, so call me crazy 
We can live in a world that we design 

 'Cause every night I lie in bed 
The brightest colors fill my head 

A million dreams are keeping me awake 
I think of what the world could be 
A vision of the one I see 

A million dreams is all it's gonna take 
A million dreams for the world we're gonna make 
There's a house we can build 
Every room inside is filled 
With things from far away 

braid days.

March 07, 2018

my girls in pink.

March 03, 2018

Home Tour: Photo Wall.

March 01, 2018

One thing I was so excited to put together was a Photo Wall going up our stairs and a Photo Wall down the hallway. I absolutely adore the way that it turned out!!!

I wanted a mix of frames, canvases, quotes and art. 

I love seeing these memories on our walls, I love these memories frozen in time. 

I took a mix of our favorite photos, our favorite quotes and made a collage going up the stairwell. 

This has been a favorite for me for sure!!