April 25, 2014

Well my sweet little Apple girl had to get stitches tonight so I am not going to have an on your heart post to share, but the link up is live and anyone can join!

Also, I mentioned this on instagram but wanted it here as well. I truly mean this. I will never ever forget who encouraged us, stood by us & loved us well during this project (American Blogger). Grateful for the love the past 2 days. The emails, comments, the tears. Two nights ago I held my breath as the girls in the film watched it for the first time & cried as many of their emails, texts & calls poured in. Then after today, I feel encouraged & grateful. I know everything comes in waves ❤️ but for today, thank you. 

 Also, many people asked for a full list of links from the amazing women in the film. So here you go! (List here)! Hope everyone has a beautiful weekend.


what we wear.

April 23, 2014

Casey dress c/o: Gypsy Soul Collective 
Ainsleigh Outfit & Headband c/o: Duchess & Lion
Apple Leggings c/o: Baby Leggings
Apple hairbands on wrist c/o: Emi-Jay
Casey Baby Sling c/o: Hotslings


Today is the day! American Blogger is available for purchase, eeeek! 

I am so incredibly proud of Chris, so proud to know the women in this film, the stories that are told, the introductions that will happen because of this movie, the conversations & inspiration that will come from it. I am truly excited to see how people are moved. 

You can purchase the film HERE. (under BUY MOVIE tab)

It will immediately begin streaming live. If your internet skips or pauses just slide the bar back a few seconds and hit play again. You also will have the ability to download it! My advice is to  take a few minutes and download it (watch the downloaded one) that way you avoid it skipping in case your internet glitches at all.

 On the "play bar", on the right side there will be three buttons. The middle one is an arrow, this is how you download. Choose the one that says HD720P. This way you will have the movie forever! Also, there will be four other short films at the very bottom of the page. You can watch & download all of these as well! 

If you love it, please share it! It would mean the world!

instructions from Chris:

Instructions: This new way to distribute Films is pretty exciting and I'm happy to be able to use VHX to help me get American Blogger - The First Journey into your hands. 
After you click "BUY MOVIE" you will be directed to enter in your name, email address and payment information. Either Credit Card OR PayPal. Don't worry. The payment methods are secure and very safe.
Once you submit your payment, you will be sent 2 emails. One will confirm your payment and the other will be a way for you to set a password so you may view the Film from different devices. You will not have to register just enter a password and that's it. Now you can log in and watch the movie as much as you like.
You will then be directed to a page where you may start streaming the Film immediately. You are welcome to watch this version OR you may select the arrow on the bottom right part of the player, which is the download button, and you may download it to your computer and watch it directly from your computer which will result in a better Film experience. I suggest the HD 720p or HD 1080p version. This should take less than 30 mins to fully download. For my friends with a slow internet connection, it may be best for you to download the SD 540p because Live Streaming will be tougher with a slow connection.  
If you want to add the film to your iTunes library, simply download the version of your choice, then drag and drop the Film file into your iTunes Library OR in iTunes go to File > Add To Library and there you go. You will be able to sync your Mobile Devices to your iTunes account to have the film on your Device. 
If you have any questions visit for additional help. 
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support! 

David Kind.

April 21, 2014

In the past few years my eyes have gotten so much worse. Before, I could manage just slipping on my glasses at night or when driving but somewhere around the time I was pregnant with Apple my eyesight really started to change. Now I am in my glasses most of the time so when I discovered David Kind I was elated!!

First I just uploaded a headshot and an expert eyewear stylist chose six different frames that were right for my face shape & personal style and then sent them to me with a return shipping label included. I also mentioned that I liked a more "square" look when talking to the stylist!

The glasses arrived and were all absolutely gorgeous. They came in a stylish cork box with a mirror so I could try them all from home and choose my favorite. I found a pair that I love and next will just email my “stylist” with my prescription info, send the glasses back in the same box they came in, and then just wait to get my new pair in the mail- eeek! It was all so easy & amazing!

I love them and would sincerely recommend this process to anyone! They give you the unique opportunity to get virtually styled into a pair of adorable glasses right in your home. Amazing! This is a really amazing new option/ experience and I am so honored to share them today! 

^^^ Apple even tried on a pair! ^^

^^^ These wound up being my favorites! swoon! ^^

"DAVID KIND is a collaboration of experienced execs and team members from the best fashion, retail, optical, e-commerce brands in the business: Oliver Peoples, Fred Segal, Paul Smith Spectacles, Bonobos. We make buying luxury quality eyewear a better experience. A customer works directly with an expert stylist online who curates a selection for you to try on at home."


Full Disclosure: This post was sponsored by David Kind, though all opinions expressed are my own.

Update: the release of American Blogger.

April 20, 2014

I hope everyone had a beautiful weekend :). I wanted to give a little update regarding American Blogger. Originally the plan for the film was that Chris would release the film in June on iTunes only. Chris actually sent off the hard drive with the fully edited/finished movie before he ever released the trailer. Because the release of the trailer didn't go anything like what we expected, Chris has decided to release the movie on Wednesday via a different source. The movie will still be available in June on iTunes but this at least gives people the opportunity to see the movie now without further speculation surrounding the film. Because the film was sent weeks ago and is not going to be altered Chris believes that releasing it now, for many reasons, is the right choice. 

I want to personally thank everyone who has been so amazing and precious to our family during all of this! Chris spent a year of his life pouring into this project plus took a big financial risk for our family because it was a project that we believe in. 

Most every movie that you watch is created by an entire production team and crew. Remember that Chris is just one man. One man that set out to make a little film and somehow it turned into something much greater. One man that did everything for this entire film all on his own. 

When purchasing the movie you will get American Blogger + 4 other short films that Chris has made in the past. 

This is the disclaimer that will come with American Blogger when purchasing:

"When I released the trailer for my film, American Blogger, it was brought to my attention that it sends a message that the bloggers in this film represent all of America. This isn't, and was not, my intent. The women in this film are a very small piece of the story I wanted to tell: one that explores how blogging can not only leave a legacy for family memories, but an imprint on the world at large.

The way in which these women tell their stories with authenticity does represent the bravery and passion of American Bloggers, but please know: not all categories of American Bloggers are represented in this film. There are still many more stories to be told.

The goal of this film was to create a love story to the blogging community. I wanted to show how these women use their voice, share their stories and connect with one another. I wanted to create a moving visual for so many of the women that have built communities around their blogs.... equal parts "reality footage" and interviews. Even within this one film there are 51 women portrayed, and unfortunately, I didn't have time to tell each of their stories. It is my hope that by introducing them to you, you will take the time to read their stories and see who they are and what they have been through. Look at this film as an introduction; as the first piece to a larger puzzle.

This film is not meant to validate blogging as a career, or to paint a wide brush over a vast community. It is not a journalistic expose. It is simply one man's exploration of an inspired art: the freedom to tell your story."

** and in case you missed this post, read here 

Easter Egg Hunt.

April 19, 2014

We had a blast today celebrating, eating and hunting for eggs! I snapped a few pics of the kids this morning at the Easter Egg Hunt...  hope everyone has a beautiful Easter weekend, xoxo. 

Ainsleigh & Apple's dresses c/o: Dream Catcher Baby


April 17, 2014

A lot has happened in my heart in the past weeks. From Hopespoken to the events surrounding American Blogger I have gone through all different seasons of emotion in just a short three weeks. Leading up to HopeSpoken I had a stirring in my heart to try and reach back to my earlier writing days, when vulnerability wasn't quite so complicated. When my writing was just free emotion pouring out through my fingertips. No judgements, no assumptions.... just a free space to spill my soul. I have lost some of that along the way and I am not entirely sure how you fully ever gain it back. I am trying though. How do you hold onto that? How do you keep those precious words and thoughts safe?  Maybe it's just reckless abandon. Maybe its just believing so much in yourself, your intentions, your art, your thoughts that you stretch out your arms, throw your face to the wind and run without thinking twice.

HopeSpoken was such a sacred place. Stories and hearts and tears flowed with safety and vulnerability.  Honestly, this blog has created such a sweet community similar to HopeSpoken that I almost forget that outside of this space, when you open yourself to an even larger audience, that safety can be lost.

At HopeSpoken one of the things that I spoke on was that you can't judge another person's pain. I learned this about 3 years ago through various seasons of loss. I felt ashamed to be hurting so much because I had so much to be grateful for. But the truth is we all react to situations differently, we all see hurt and humanity and life through different lenses. I learned, then, that you can't judge someone else's heartache. Sometimes when we can see a whole person, their whole story... we are able to dig a little deeper and see more why they are the way they are. We can't judge how someone will act out due to pain. Or how it will shape them. How they respond to life's bumps and that is where grace comes in. I learned to extend grace to those I didn't understand...mostly because I figured if I knew their whole story, I might understand better why they were the way they were. It took years for this all to make sense to me. And maybe that is just part of the journey, us all figuring this out.

I got an email yesterday from a woman I look up to and respect and adore more than words can say. She has been a huge piece of the puzzle for me in my walk with the Lord. She poured words out in an email that were like sweet balm to my soul. I needed to be reset. I needed to look at this project again with untainted eyes, the way that I did the first time I watched the entire film. With the pureness that it began with. 

I have seen God working so much in me this past year. As I surrender to Him, He moves and He frees me. I have felt so much freedom from the fear and anxiety that has jailed me for years. And this weekend I felt so much freedom from my desire to be loved and understood by man. I have guarded my eyes better and am going to walk forward with an open heart yet in a new confidence that can only be found through Him. I think there must be a balance between n open heart, healthy conversations and then moving forward. All of this might sound like a jumble of thoughts, honestly that is what it is. Just a mess of emotion from a woman who is in the midst of being rescued. I am honored to be able to show how God can demonstrate His strength through me. 

all good things. 

"i say tenderheartedly,

you are just as jacked up as the person who has hurt you. your heart is so dark. you betray Jesus everyday and He still loves you. He doesn't wait for you to do enough to pay for your sins, so he can finally take you back. no. you enjoy grace and mercy and unmerited forgiveness. every day. actually, every hour.

and now, you get to be a mirror of the Gospel to that person. because what can they do to make up for defiling you in such a way? nothing actually. nothing would ever be good enough. would it?"
- Jami Nato

We aren't loved on a performance base- it is unconditional.
And that's why when people let us down...
we weren't supposed to put our hope in THEM but in HIM.