April 01, 2009

Chris shot this video over the past 12 days to document just a taste of our little man's journey. He truly captures some of the raw emotions we experienced day by day. Enjoy!


  1. Casey- what an amazing video and journey you've been on. thank you for sharing. i thought of you guys last night and prayed for aiden.
    katy (hennighausen) rose

  2. There are no words for how special these moments are!! Thank you for sharing your brought back such emotions for me...kissing your baby through the tubes and machines is now just a memory for Justin and I and will soon be for you too!! I am so glad he is doing so well!! We are continuing to pray for you! Much love!!

  3. What an amazing video and what an AMAZING God. Such a testimony to HIS Power and to LIFE! Thanks for sharing with us. We love you and are faithfully praying for you three!

  4. Casey, Oh my goodness...3 times I had to catch myself in tears. I'm so glad he's doing ok...he is absolutely gorgeous.
    Take care of yourself mommy...much love.