so gifted

August 06, 2009

So, my husband is incredibly gifted in so many areas but one is that he can literally build/fix anything. Often, I will have him drive me to the store anthropologie... I will show him a piece of furniture that I love and then he will come home and build it for me. I wish I could show pictures of everything he has ever built for me but it would be here is just a taste of his brilliance! Also, I am proud to say that he has helped many of my friends out with different projects and put together a beautiful piece for a dear friend's wedding that is coming up and I am so proud :). We love you Chris...


  1. I would like to second that! Your talent has been a huge blessing to so many people. Our dishes look fabulous in the cabinet you made. The Stone family loves you too, Chris!!

  2. the new shelves look amazing!!!!