sweet studio girls

January 30, 2010

I have mentioned this before but God has unbelievably blessed us with the MOST beautiful girls to work with us at our studio. They are incredibly beautiful inside and out, they are wonderful with kiddos, they have beautiful hearts, they make it possible for me to either be at home with Aiden or at work with him! We wish we could pay them a million dollars....they deserve it......they love on kids, clean up messes, run parties, teach classes, love on Aiden, etc etc! Thank you girls for not only working with me but also being some of my best friends in the world....I dont have all your pictures and I snagged a few of your pics from facebook.... a BIG thank you to Caitlin, Jennie, Jenni, Carly, Haley, Laura, Meredith, Amelia, and anyone else who has helped me along the way. I am FOREVER grateful!

And a HUGE thank you to my husband Chris who works so hard and makes it possible for me to be with my little man. I love you forever and always.