doppleganger? Ashton Kutcher & Scarlett Johansson?

February 03, 2010

I realize I have MUCH more important things to be talking about but on facebook people have been putting their "doppleganger"- celebrity look alikes as their profile pics. I am not one participating BUT thought Id share on our blog that my husband probably gets told 5 times a day wherever we go that he looks exactly like Ashton Kutcher. He does, doesnt he?! I have only been told a handful times that I even look like anyone famous but it has always been the same person....I don't see it at allllllll but I'll post anyway! So here we are in celebrity form....


  1. i totally see it!!! your husband could pass for his twin!!!

  2. haha! when I first found your blog I did a double take at Chris because I thought it was Ashton! Also, I totally see a little Natasha Bedingfield in you (or vice versa!) :) both blonde bombshells!,r:1,s:0&tx=57&ty=95