a few things...

March 25, 2010

a few things...

1. We are drinking all whole milk bottles now! I worried about this and it was such an EASY transition!!! The best advice my doc ever gave me when Aiden was little bitty was to get him used to drinking cold bottles, then he would drink milk anywhere, any temp! Such good advice!
2. Aiden has 8 teeth now and we are brushing them before bed! Such a big boy!
3. We have accomplished 2 nights of sleeping all night in our crib! AND no milk at night! One years old was the cut off. I refuse to let my baby cry it out so the first night I just put my pillow and comforter in his crib and scratched his back through the tears....we made it! And last night...no tears?! what?! I was prepared for 2 weeks of hard times....we'll see if it was just a fluke. Also, sidenote...I think everyone knows I am a HUGE supporter of cosleeping but I have to say one more thing! Now that our year of cosleeping has come to an end, I wouldnt take back that time bonding and snuggling for anything. It is such a special time and memory for our family. I have so many years for my kiddos to sleep in their own beds, that was absolutely wonderful for us. And for Chris who works and gets less time with him (I am not working anymore but if you are a working mom) it's such a great way to steal extra bonding time with your baby.

Also, new baby news...we have our 3 month sono next Tuesday and we are so excited to see our munchkin again! Our new baby and Aiden will be almost exactly 18 months apart...I cant believe in 6 months we'll be a family of four, yayy! So excited! We truly are thrilled! Chris and I have always both wanted a big family so this is just the greatest!


  1. So happy for all of you!Love your sweet,sweet family!