Moby & Sleepy Wraps

April 22, 2010

Well, we have a hotsling, a baby bjorn, an Ergo and a few other random baby slings. These have all been great at various stages of Aiden's life! Well, I want another, like I need another, I know! But I have been trying to figure out how moms go to the store with a 1 1/2 year old and a newborn. Who gets carried? Who rides in the cart? So a dear friend of mine just recently blogged about the Moby Wrap and it peeked my interest! Then today I saw the sweetest mom carrying a newborn in a Sleepy Wrap and she had three older children with her at the store!! It is possible! So here is a link to their website! I love the idea of my new little one all snuggled up with me, I can even carry them both if need be!

Also, my little man has started signing! YAY! I had almost given up on sign language when he decided he was ready! So fun to communicate with him! He's the greatest! Can someone tell him to stop growing up though, his mama thinks it's going too fast!!!!!


  1. So funny that you just posted about this! I got a moby wrap at one of my showers and 30 minutes ago, in sheer desperation, I whipped it out to give it a try. Within 30 seconds Harper was snoozing and has been ever since. I am now a believer!! Congrats on baby number 2!

  2. Great blog, Casey! I have a Moby. I really liked it when Cordelia was tiny. Then I moved over to the Bjorn so that we had more structure and security. It's tough running after child #1 with a sling on. Now, I'm going to try doing the Moby again for the "hip sit" position and maybe the backpack option. So all that to say...get yourself a Moby. -Alex=Emily (Averitt) Large :-)