my heart

April 06, 2010

I can't help but constantly pray, Lord please protect this precious innocent little person that lives in our home. Keep his heart from heart breaks, keep others from treating him mean, keep him safe when we are not around. I follow this precious family on twitter whose 5 year old has cancer. I just can't fathom the greatness of that pain. Clinging to each other and the cross like never before. I don't know what we will face with Aiden or any of our kiddos but when I look into Aiden's sweet, innocent eyes I can't help but hurt somewhere deep in my soul. Because we live in a sinful and broken world and I can't protect him from everything. Such a scary thing to face as a mama. As he is getting older and we have more of a two way communication I am getting more and more aware of my sensitive soul and how hard it is going to be to watch my kids encounter hard every phase of life. Last night as he was falling asleep I thought, "I don't know if I can bare to ever watch him suffer, I would literally do anything for him....Lord, let me suffer 100 heart aches so that he never faces any."

But that's life right? That is what makes us who we are, it makes us better.

God is faithful, I will continually trust the One who created Aiden. He loves him more than I do, which is amazing and unbelievable to think about... here is my little love being the sweetheart that he is :).