Happy Anniversary Baby

June 13, 2010

Chris and I's wedding anniversary is on Wednesday, June 16th. I can honestly say I am more in love with him today than I was even the day I married him(which I didn't think was possible). He is the best part of me, I love and adore him and am SO thankful he chose me to take this journey with. We saw two of our dearest friends get married this weekend and it is so amazing when you see people who love Jesus become one....you just know that together they will further His kingdom in such a big way. Chris spoke at the rehearsal dinner and said,

"I am an artist & am so thankful I married an artist. We may never have any money but our life is going to be such a great, beautiful adventure together."

I couldn't agree more.

"There is no greater place than in a marriage to learn about humility & selflessness. There is no greater place to become who you are destined to be."

Anyone that knew me before Chris and since I have met him can be testament that he has made me better. I see people, life and the world completely different.

I love you Christopher David Wiegand, you are my everything. Thank you for choosing me.


  1. So sweet... you two ARE going to do big things... already have! Happy Anniversary Wiegands!!

  2. Happy Anniversary!!! Love seeing you and your growing family!!!! Love you both!