July 13, 2010

Chris watched "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" with Aiden the other day while I was gone and yesterday when we were driving he told me that there was a line from the movie that reminded him of how he felt about Aiden. He said there is a point in the movie where the dad looks at the son and says,

"I'm amazed that someone as ordinary as me could be the father of someone as extraordinary as you."

Um, I burst into tears. Sweetest thing ever. First off, Chris is FAR from ordinary and secondly what a precious thing to say. I love them both so much I could just burst.

We have had a crazy month. I won't share details but I have been amazed how much the Lord has shown me Himself and how much he has allowed me to rely on Chris. Glad that after 5 years I still feel luckier everyday :).


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