two babies

September 28, 2010

I love having 2 babies in our home :)....I am going to have to fight baby fever really bad for babies #3 & #4.... it has been such a smooth/ easy transition so far! We keep waiting for her to find her voice and make things difficult but thus far she is easy, sweet, quiet, delicate & precious. She is gaining weight like she needs to, sleeps great, eats great & overall just has blessed our little family beyond measure. Aiden is such a sweetheart too. Being such a fantastic big brother. It's funny how much more laid back you are the second time around... and I thought I was laid back the first time :)! We already got out today with both kiddos and Ainsleigh isn't even 2 weeks old yet! We are having a blast. Just thankful to have everyone here under the same roof.

More updates soon...XOXO


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