seeds & beans

December 30, 2010

Santa brought Aiden a water table for Christmas this year. This precious little boy LOVES water...sprinklers, fountains, sinks, bathtime, pools... you get the idea! Well, it is too cold for the winter to fill his new present with water so we filled it with beans, seeds and macaroni shells. He adores it! Thank you Santa for making my little one smile :) XOXO

* You can find water & sand tables here


  1. What in the world is he going to be when he's older?? It has to be something with water and art!! :)

    Sarah (still under Pauls name)

  2. SUCH a fun thing. My kids are 5 and 8 and they still beg me to buy the giant sacks of dried beans at Costco so that they can play in them. haha