Things that make me smile...

January 03, 2011

Things that make me smile... little angels (& our pups)

Color tablets that change the bath water fun colors, m&ms that help me bribe Aiden through grocery store runs & baby feet

Aiden going head first down his new slide

Headbands (post coming soon dedicated to these alone), my necklace from Chris, all things anthropologie & my awesome legwarmers that I sleep in during the winter...i heart them very much

Painting....and then learning how to paint while holding little munchkins

Watching my sweet ones sleep...they are so peaceful in their slumber. And Ainsleigh & I hanging out (occasionally dancing to make Aiden laugh) while he floods our bathroom.

I could write much more....but as for today... these made my heart warm...

***Also, I forgot a few resolutions so I added them to my New Years post!


  1. a couple things.

    your babies are so sweet.

    headbands = in love.

    i love that necklace from your hubby!

    annnnd you go girl for painting while holding the littles!

  2. love these things too! are your pics taken with a camera or is it an app? i always have questions for you :)