answers, day one

February 28, 2011

Okay, I LOVED these questions.

I have had so much on my mind since each one came in!! I am going to break these into two different days so as to not rush any of your wonderful questions!

I could seriously probably do a whole post on each. So here goes...

1. {Our Dogs}. Macy, "the big one" a labradoodle/     Ellie, "the small one" a maltipoo


2. {What is the greatest piece of advice someone has given you about marriage? Or parenting?} 
Best advice on patient with your little ones, spend time with them rather than doing things on your to-do what works best for you and your family!

Because we spent so much time in the NICU we learned a lot about brain connections. The chemicals released in your baby's brain when they aren't tended to, cry for long periods, etc. So, for one that was fascinating. Two, I remember one of our NICU nurses said " never let your baby get used to warm milk because if they'll drink cold milk then you can feed them anywhere." AND that no matter if your baby acts like they want to be swaddled or not, DO IT! In the long run they will sleep better, wont wake themselves up and will feel more secure.

On marriage...I will be honest, the day I stood & said my vows I had no idea the true meaning of marriage. I WISH I had gotten better advice on marriage. 

I wish someone had told me to read "a sacred marriage" before getting would have made our first years different. I would have been a better wife.

"But if you want to become more like Jesus, I can't imagine any better thing to do than to get married. Being married forces you to face some character issues you'd never have to face otherwise."


3. {Where do you get all your headbands and hair clips?}

This was super sweet :). I love headbands! Okay anthropologie and Free People have awesome headbands & hairclips but I only buy them if they are on sale. ETSY! do you want a list of my fav etsy headband shops?! I would love to give them if anyone is interested!!! And also Target!

4. Camille, Amber & Lauren: y'all made my day and made me smile :).

5. {Where is your music player for the songs that play on your blog?} 
Scroll allllll the way to the very bottom!!!!!

6. {How do you feel like God has changed you from college to now?}
I am actually so glad you asked this. This is something that is on my heart a lot. I had a pretty drastic life change after college. (I owe most of that to my husband Chris.) He loves Jesus in huge TANGIBLE ways and sees the world with the most phenomenal perspective. So, if anyone reads this that knew me in college...I am sorry. This is my public apology for being entitled & bleh. I held unimportant things as important, didn't show the love of Jesus in big ways and didn't pour into people the way that I should have. 
I would love to go back and do it differently.

7.  {biggest mistake of your life?}
When Chris & I first got married we started a business called "A Little Artsy" (it still exists, just a MUCH smaller version of it). It is an art studio for kids and adults where the focus is on the process not the product. It's about embracing your creativity. We had a big, gorgeous studio and when I had Aiden I just lost some of my passion for it. We closed the studio and moved it to our house and I had no idea how much of an impact it would have on my marriage and us financially. Owning our own business that was "our own ministry" where we loved on people all day and was building something incredible meant more to Chris than I realized.
I let him down when we closed it. 
And I am forever sorry for that. 


8. {who do you stalk the most of any social media site?}

I have a set of blogs that I never miss a post from! Instead of the whole list how about I give you one that is really beautiful and super inspiring: 

The Reed Life
This blog has beautiful pictures, a sweet message and inspires me constantly!

 9. {favorite song or artist (band)?}
I seriously couldn't choose! It would be a mix! (Priscilla Ahn, Britt Nicole, Ingrid Michaelson)


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  1. how did i miss where your music was? pretty sure ive looked down there before! oh well! now i see it! thanks!

  2. These answers are beautifully written! Love.

  3. I love this! :-) You are amazing and so open! :-) AND I love you! :-)

  4. love hearing this, casey! such a sweet life you're leading. many blessings :)

  5. I would DEFINITELY love your list of Etsy shops with cute headbands :)

    And, thanks for answering my question!

  6. Just love you, that's all. :)

  7. that wedding pic - wow! and i can't believe how much you've accomplished/learned/grown through at your age. seriously. that is just a testament to God and your hearts being teachable, even after mistakes. he's writing a beautiful story with you two. you four, i should say.

  8. you are a treasure.
    thanks for the kind words.
    i love these question and answers posts.
    it is nice to hear more about you.
    you are a pretty rad lady.

  9. I loved meeting your dogs and was super interested in your "advice" answers (not am mom yet, just stockpiling on people's experience and advice!) :) Thanks for sharing yourself with us!

  10. ahh you are so sweet! love the answers and would LOVE it if you posted your etsy list for the headbands you wear!

  11. I loved meeting your dogs and was super interested in your "advice" answers (not am mom yet, just stockpiling on people's experience and advice!) :) Thanks for sharing yourself with us!