{Coffee Date}

February 09, 2011

{Coffee Date}


If we were having coffee....well I'd be drinking hot chocolate.. I don't drink coffee :)....we would probably be at my house while my kiddos were napping.

I would talk first about some not so serious things like how Aiden is talking now and how Ainsleigh went from sleeping 7 hours to waking up every 2. 
We would probably talk about all of these snow days and how Valentine's day is around the corner.

At some point you would probably start to notice the world weighing on my shoulders. We have some  burdens weighing on us.... but I wouldnt bore you the details......
 just would ask for prayers.

Then I would probably tell you about this family that is pressing heavy on my heart and how its had me thinking a lot lately about heaven and this world.

Why else would a beautiful little young angel be suffering with cancer?
Because we weren't made for this world. 
What about all the sin, yuck, bleh of the world that is out of our control? 
What about little sweet kids who don't understand suffering, but are going through it anyways?

We need to look out for one another. This life is hard enough.

Love well, give grace & mercy well. Forgive well. Life is hard.

After I shed a few tears (bc I tend to cry easily) most likely Aiden will wake up from his nap just in time to brighten the rest of our coffee date with his precious giggles and amazing dance moves. 
And a few Ainsleigh snuggles before you go.

I liked our coffee date....let's do it again soon! 
And feel free to share anything you have on your heart as well! Id love to hear :).


  1. Casey...i love this! I wish we lived closer...I would tell you my ife over coffee, too! I will say that when you said the part about financial burdens weighing heavy on your sholders..my heart sank..I have those save weights on mine as well. REALLY big ones. :( If you think of it..please pray for us...you and your family are in my prayers as well. :) Hang in there mama and press into our Savior.

  2. This is a cute idea- I like it. Sorry to hear about finances being rough. A lot of our friends have done Financial Peace University & loved it. I hope Adam & I can do this course in the next couple of years, too. A lot of churches will offer it. Love you sweet friend.

  3. If you are a hot chocolate girl (as I am), then you need to save up for a Coco-Motion by Mr. Coffee. WE LOVE IT!!!

  4. It sounds like I'd enjoy having hot chocolate with you! I'll be sure to keep you in my prayers :-)

  5. casey! what a precious post. You have an amazing heart. we need to get together soon!!!

  6. Awww, Casey! You are the sweetest. I'm a crier, too, so we'd shed a tear together. I appreciate your kind heart and your genuine love for others and for God. It's a beautiful thing!

  7. cute blog idea! very sad for that child and family tho. i hope they get to go to hawaii like the little girl wants to to swim with the dolphins. i cry super easily too and don't drink coffee so we'd be crying together over hot chocolate ;)

  8. loved reading this post Casey! would love to actually do hot chocolate for real sometime! :)

  9. i love your blog! you are so creative and such an inspiration. thanks for sharing your heart and stories with us :)