{create with me}

February 05, 2011

{create with me}

Here we are again. Creating. My favorite. With all this snow, we have had lots of time to paint!

I love taking the knowledge I have about kids & art and seeing it apply to my own kids for a change.

It's incredible.

When we create, there are no rules, many options... I don't want him to be timid or afraid to get messy. I love watching him make decisions... 
Roller or paintbrush. 
Color options. 
Watercolor or acrylic.
 Marker or crayon. 
All his choices.

It is so refreshing to paint with Aiden. No self doubt, no fear... Just all in. It's a good lesson for us artists, paint like children.

“It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child” Picasso

I can already see how well it has helped his find motor skills. He has been able to feed himself with a fork & spoon for a long time now. He can also hold his pen correctly and even occasionally paste things!

"what you have is a gift from God and to teach it to others is to return it to Him."



  1. Oh that is so much fun! This is definitley something I would love to do with my daughter when she is a little bit older!! :)

  2. i just found your blog a couple days again. loving it. i feel so inspired every time i leave. and this post.. oh, this post. its beautiful. LOVE IT. the pictures are awesome!