{Life Made Lovely Monday}

February 06, 2011

First time in the highchair (and tried rice cereal) for Ainsleigh was Sunday February 6

If you can relate with these... 

the real yet lovely...

           the unmade beds
spaghetti O's for dinner
                                                                                         3 minute showers
         4 am feedings
kids that don't sleep
                                                                                                                                toys everywhere
smashed goldfish in the car
sometimes taking a nap instead of working out
loads of laundry
piles of bills
the meltdowns at target

then it's a good reminder you are...


because you have precious little people in your life.

& you probably love the simple joys...

               going to the grocery store alone
                                                  laughter                              a late night movie
                                         clean sheets
            a hot bath
baby snuggles
                                                                                               a hershey bar

I am thankful for the (un)lovely because in reality...it is really beautiful.

Found this precious quote about being a mama 
(on this blog), thought Id share...

"They've taught me to forgive quickly, reminded me that learning is magical, and proved that taking time to sit, talk, and play with them one-on-one is much more important than having a perpetually clean house. They've also taught me to laugh at knock-knock jokes that make absolutely no sense, consent to breakfast food three times a day, and accept that a pack of gum purchased today will not be around tomorrow. And I'm okay with all of that because I can't imagine my life without them; without their good-night kisses and infectious smiles. I love that I am theirs and they are mine, forever."


  1. you're posts are always so sweet!

  2. oh i love love love this post! so sweet and so true!

  3. I love this post. YOu give me such good perspective on mothering.

  4. Yes, this is a wonderful post-thanks for sharing your perspective today! I needed that reminder that in the midst of hard reality there is great joy and wonderful blessings!

  5. Love it! It's so true! I especially love that quote!

  6. So sweet....this is so my life right now!!