{thank you}

February 08, 2011

{thank you}


The past 5(ish) months have been a little crazy yet I have gained such beautiful friendships... You all know who you are. My life is forever touched by each one.

And social media, thank you?! Yes, that's right... Just since the end of Dec (ish) I've started to expand my blog and wow has God brought incredible, beautiful, inspiring people into my world.

I am forever thankful.

I love my new friends. The ones here with me and the ones I have made through this little blog...you each are precious & beautiful to my heart.

You'll never know the impact.



  1. It's amazing how you can care about people you've never even met. I'm so glad I started following blogs - it makes me feel like a part of something bigger :-)

  2. sky!!!! i know! me too sweet friend!!!!

  3. :) pretty picture.
    I need to email you about your ?s
    Doing that now.

  4. Agreed! Love watching your kiddos grow, your faith grow. I'm soo inspired by your pictures and the beautiful testimony God is building in your life!