a change of plans, life made lovely

March 21, 2011

Life made lovely Monday


Well, change of plans.

I had intended on linking up a lovely post all about Aiden's party, filled with pictures. That post will come, but it will have to wait.
 (reason why after my thank yous) 

We celebrated Aidens birthday (which is Tuesday) on Sunday. I truly have so many people to thank.It wound up being absolute perfection. 
I'm forever grateful

So thank you....
Our families for helping pay for things (food, gas, etc)
Sarah for helping me make all the cupcakes, paid for snacks and bought the flowers
Lindsay for Aidens beautiful cake
Melanie for all the gorgeous printing, cupcake toppers, invitations & bunting
Tracy for Aiden's gorgeous crown
All our precious friends for coming out and loving on our little guy
Lauren & Dave for my little A's new carseat (this isn't party related but can you believe that? They bought Ainsleigh her big girl carseat. There were tears; soooo incredible, mindblowing LOVE)
Friends dropping off groceries (Liz)and so many more things that would make all of your jaws drop.

I am blessed. Truly. Thank you all.

 1:00 am Saturday night... the short version... Chris was out of town (his brother is getting married next weekend & all the guys were at a ranch 2 hours away for the bachelor party), at 3:00 I came the the conclusion that Aiden couldn't breathe bc of asthma, 
I panic.

Chris starts driving in the middle of the night to meet me at the hospital, I take Aiden to Children's ER, Chris' mom drives over to take care of Ainsleigh so that we didnt have to wake her up.

I am terrible at directions, almost get lost.

Get there, he is "officially" diagnosed with asthma

Lots of things happen here in the middle.

Does a breathing treatment.

Gets his own little inhaler.

We leave at 8 am Sunday morning.

Just in time to party.

(went to bed early, so no pics today!)

 More party pics to come :)



  1. i'm so so sorry Casey. the party looks amazing. you guys are such wonderful parents to aiden! i'll say a prayer for you this morning. love you!

  2. Oh my gosh! 1. Aiden's party looks AMAZING and I can't wait to see more pictures! 2. Aren't friends just the sweetest things in the world??? 3. OH MY GOSH! How SCARY! I am SO sorry you had to take Aiden to the hospital BUT SO thankful that the doctors knew exactly what to do! :-) Hope your Monday is less eventful than this weekend!

  3. Awww, poor little guy:( We have been in a battle with doctors for 4 years with my daughter, trying to find a diagnosis for her health issues(she has a chronic, barking cough that leads her to gagging and getting sick). This Friday shes having a medical procedure done that will hopefully put us on track to start getting some answers.
    Theres nothing worse than having a sick child and not being able to "fix it." Im so glad you got answers!
    The party looks wonderful.Cant wait to see more pics:)

  4. Oh wow...you officially have the best friends in the world!! Sounds like God has truly blessed y'all...Oh, the party looks adorable!!!

  5. Can't wait to see pictures of the party!! Looks like it was amazing!
    I'm so sorry about your crazy er trip in the middle of the night :( Poor little guy and poor mom and dad!! I hate how everything takes soooo long at the er! But it's a good thing he's been diagnosed now right? So sad he has asthma though :(

  6. Wow, what a weekend. So glad that A is okay & y'all are feeling covered and loved by God's peeps.

  7. will be praying for A and for yall! My own little A has had a lot of resp sickness so we know all about the inhalers! i feel for you. But it totally made me cry reading about how God provided such a great bday party for yall..what a blessing!!

  8. oh no...poor little birthday boy...but look how loved and blessed you are with family and friends casey....how wonderful of them to help you out....I am in a similar boat..no money but lots of love...:)
    You made it look beautiful and rest up with your handsome prince!!!


  9. Oh wow, what a weekend! You must be exhausted, but glad he's alright!! Can't wait to see pics of the party - I'm sure it was super cute! (P.S. I'm terrible at directions too!!!)

  10. Looks like a great party. I love that everyone came together to help out. That's what it is all about. I hope your little guy is feeling better.

  11. oh my gosh i can't wait to see every detail of that party!!! hope your little buddy feels better. mine's on his inhaler this week too...

  12. I am a new follower, but I can already tell that you have a most beautiful heart and your so full of genuine love and joy. That is so refreshing to see. Praise God for provision, even if it has to come uncomfortably through friends and family ( it can be so challenging to receive sometimes) but just allow them to keep blessing you. God will bless them in return. And you have the most adorable, perfect little ones.. they melt my heart! Im having a little girl due May 1, and I can only hope she will be as cute as your little ones :)

  13. What a blessing it is to have such amazing people in your life that love and care for you and your family that much! Glad you were able to get an "official" diagnosis and that your little man has an inhaler now. I hope there won't be any more ER trips in the near future.

  14. aw casey that makes me want to cry for you all and your little aiden....parenthood has to be so scary sometimes! im glad you had a good party to celebrate later on when all was better!
    (and its wonderful all the sweet friends and family you all have helping your great family!)

  15. you have some wonderful friends surrounding you! wish we were closer to help out with the little things & the bigger things too... you know we would! im so sorry to hear you are struggling... the toughest times always seem to come at your most precious & exciting times in life (babies, etc...) wishing aiden a smooth ride with his new asthma diagnosis :( his mask sure is adorable. brave little guy... love you guys xxxx

  16. Oh how scary! Poor baby...just breaks a mama's heart!

  17. oh no!! poor guy! i'm so glad you guys were able to still celebrate after everything. happy birthday to your sweet guy!

  18. :( Poor thing! I'll keep him in my prayers!