yellow heart art

March 19, 2011

        MEET Leonora
This shop literally made me gasp it is so cute. Look at these!!! eeeep, please check out this shop. and meet a new friend, shes awesome :).


Hello folks! The name is Leonora (or sometimes Leo2theNora when I'm feeling swanky) I'm 26 years young and I throughly enjoy bright colors (they hold my attention well, kind of like a moth to a flame). I absolutely love art, any kind of art. On the weekends you'll find me gallivanting with The Bubs (side note: Bubs is my boyfriend, not a nick name for my dog) with our cameras strapped around our necks and taking pics of anything that inspires us. I'm so glad I got him into photography because I get to steal all his photo equipment and use it myself. I'm super friendly and love meeting new people. I mean hey, strangers are just friends waiting to happen--right? Right. I thought so too.

Yellow Heart Art has been an idea in my head for such a long time now. I opened up shop on January 18th, 2011 BUT have been prepping for my grand opening for about 4-5 months before that. I went to school for graphic design and when I graduated college I thought to myself 

"Ok world, here I am! Ready to design way awesome cool graphics…and GO!" 

except college lied, I never did get to design and "wicked awesome fun" graphics. Instead I work full time as a graphic designer doing corporate branding (I know, the word corporate makes me cringe a bunch too guys) so I wanted to open up a shop that used colors other than slate blue and gray and other fonts besides times new roman.

 I wanted it to express me 100%.

My store has fun sayings and illustrations that are just light, carefree, and flat out quirky. I think thats why people are drawn to them because I take something that you think about EVERY DAY and put it on paper. Kind of like my print that says "I inch up at traffic lights till the radio station comes in clear". We all have done it before, no one is gonna ruin this stella's grove with some static!

I love all my customers and people out there who take the time to tell me they dig my stuff. It really truly is such an amazing feeling and knowing that my art is being hung up in their home is so incredible.

coupon code: HEYGIVEME10 for 10% off starting on sunday and ends the following sunday (3-26)


  1. I love her work, but you probably already knew that!

  2. Ok! I am OBSESSED! ;-) I especially love "Eat Dessert first! ;-) SO CUTE!

  3. Oh Leo you had me had hello.


    who took those pictures in that top left hand corner pic, is a SUPER STAR!

  4. Super cute! I love her stuff! :)

  5. you find the CUTEST stuff!!

  6. These are adorable! Can't wait to check out the shop!