Faux Rosewood Wreath Tutorial

November 08, 2011


Hello, beautiful Casey Leigh readers!
My name is Kimmie, and I blog over at Sugar and Dots.
I met Casey in-person after reading only one of her blog posts, and I truly believe that God brought her into my life for a reason.
I know that most of you visit because this lovely site makes you feel fulfilled in some way, also.
I feel absolutely honored to be here!
Let's jump to it...

Faux Rosewood Wreath Tutorial
So this is probably the most time-consuming project I've ever done.
But the result is gorgeous.
I am beyond happy with my wreath and leave it up year-round.
Supplies needed:
Styrofoam wreath form
Hot glue (lots!)
Old books or a mega stack of newspapers
Rhinestones (optional)
Scrapbooking ink (optional)
I followed this tutorial and used old book pages.
(Stack a few pages together and cut them all at once to save you some time!)
After I had a large pile of rosettes, I glued them down onto my wreath.
No rhyme or reason necessary- just glue until the space is filled.
When it's full, add a rhinestone to each rosette center, and lightly press ink onto the edges.

Be sure to let me know if you have made one- I love looking through your projects!
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Thank you sweet Casey, for having me here today!