June 23, 2012

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In just a few hours... June 24, I turn 29. 
So incredibly thankful  for what my life looks like today. 

Graduated college...
At 22 I met Chris & got engaged.
Married at 23.
At 24 we  started A Little Artsy and got pregnant with Aiden.
At 25 we had Aiden.
At 26 I got pregnant with Ainsleigh .
27 we had Ainsleigh, we moved our studio and right about when I was turning 28 we  renewed our wedding vows
At 28 we got pregnant with Addison and lost Addison....then  got pregnant with Apple and moved our studio again.

Now a new year, 
a new chapter to my story.

Excited  to see what you have in store for me 29.