friday thoughts.

October 05, 2012

Just some Friday random thoughts. Currently snacking on some twizzlers and a hot chocolate. It's midnight...Chris, Ains & Apple are sound asleep..Aiden woke up and wanted to sit in my lap while I finished up a few things.

This is the picture he is working on :).

Have I told you that Aiden loves to talk in third person? I have no idea where he got it from but it's the sweetest thing ever. It's like a tiny storybook character. Have I told you how much of myself I see in this little person? Not the third person part...but so many other parts. 
He just walked in and said to me "mama, Aiden wants to snuggle you".

the sweetest ever.

Things are good here, busy as ever. Chris produced/directed a documentary for the American Heart Association about 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist Dana Vollmer today which was really neat. I am so proud of him and the beautiful films he creates. He has had so many amazing opportunities this year and I just love watching it!

I had this thought today about the conference next week. Suddenly vulnerable. 

Me. Unedited.

Meaning on this little space I get to share what I want. It's edited. Carefully chosen. 

I choose the pictures, the writing, the stories.

But next week, it's real life- just me....the "raw" me....and that leaves me feeling a little vulnerable. Its that question that always seems to sneak it's way into my mind...."are you enough?"

I made a second instagram account ( a public one) and it suddenly occurred to me that it's like everyone has their own mini reality shows. Yes very small scale... but true right? We can see via facebook, instagram, twitter, blogs the play by play of people's lives. It's like your whole life right there. What we are doing that day, what we are eating, what is on our mind. 

Ainsleigh has slept a whole week now in her big girl bed! This is huge for her because she is my one that has always loved her crib. When we brought little Apple home Ainsleigh decided she didn't like her crib anymore. Aiden has always been our co.sleeper and Ainsleigh had always been the one who wanted to be by herself, in her crib. So when she started wanting out, I decided to see if she liked the big girl bed in her room and she did! 

Tomorrow I am heading to Starbucks (Apple & I) to spend some time writing. Once a month I am going to try and do this to stay caught up with my Disney posts and other things going on. 

That's about it. I have a sweet three year old who wants to snuggle so I am off :). Goodnight friends!



  1. You are precious. I hope next week is amazingly blessed for you and I hope your writing day tomorrow is very productive! :)

  2. I love the way each of your kids have their own personality and are allowed to explore that, be it through their sleeping habits or their little hobbies.I also love the way you love your children with your whole heart- they are blessed beyond belief. Enjoy your writing day tomorrow,


  3. Awww Aiden is seriously THE CUTEST. And how amazing that Ains decided that she wanted to sleep in her big girl bed...proof that in letting littles be littles they will move on to the next thing when they are ready. So happy that you are instagram now :)

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend!


  4. Such a cute post, Thanks for the thoughts and Good night!

  5. Your kids are so precious! You'll do great at your conference next week :) Good luck!!
    Get all the snuggles in! So sweet.

  6. Such a sweet post. I love reading about the little things your children do - and just reading your reflections, boy it warms my heart. Hope you enjoy your writing day tomorrow.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing :)

    Hope you have a lovely weekend !!

    Claire xox

  8. vulnerability is scary but God is using you to minister to women's hearts, trust in his plan that you ARE enough :) you have a lot to offer, Casey!

  9. people eally appreciate vulnerability and honesty--i think it is how we really connect.

  10. Twizzlers and hot chocolate are great comforts. I think that everyone feels this worry of “not enough”. It is our daily blessing to decide "yes, I am”. Some moments in life are easier than others. The ebb and flow of confidance is probably in sync with all the other balances in life. It’s just hard to see it all. Good luck with your big days, and keep on filling your moments with wonderful love. You’re doing fine ;)

  11. I love the way you talk about Aiden. So sweet. He sounds like a doll. It makes me so excited for Ty to start talking. He is such a snuggler and sweet boy. When he comes up to snuggle it melts my heart but to hear him say he wanted to would be priceless.

  12. My 3 1/2 year old talks in third person too, and it's the cutest thing! Especially at this age when they are learning to put more "complicated" complete thoughts together and they come up with the cutest things. The best part is when she comes in our room in the morning talking about what she dreamed that night. SO freakin' cute!

  13. Sweet! :) I'm sure the "raw" you is just as beautiful as the edited version! Have a blessed weekend!

  14. I enjoyed this post. :)

    My son, Tristen, talked in 3rd person too. He called himself T. So I started calling him "T-Bird". And now, to this day {he's 11 now}, we all call him "Bird". He'll always be my "Birdie".

    Funny how little things progress. :)

  15. I can only imagine, that meeting you, being yourself, would be a lovely experience. So no need to underestimate yourself :)

    Enjoy the journey.

  16. You're one of the reasons I'm heading to Influence next week, I know you'll be awesome. Flaws and all. That what makes it so great. See you soon!

  17. For some reason, this is one of my favorite posts from you!

    Thanks for sharing, Casey. :)

  18. Such a true to the heart post which are most of yours,,I just love reading them,,thank you so much for sharing your beautiful life with us,,and good night my friend...

  19. funny, this is the exact same way I have been feeling about Instagram, especially this week... a completely different light on people...

    enjoy your weekend, and you will do fabulous at conference ;)

  20. Casey, I cannot wait to meet you at Influence. Don't ever give in to the lie that you are not enough. God is using you in so many ways and will continue to use you next weekend!

  21. gosh i love your new little one and your precious family!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  22. i love your thoughts, friend. i truly hope one day we get the chance to talk over a cup of hot chocolate...or popcorn or capri suns. have an amazing time at the conference! i know GOD is about to do some awesome things in your life and the lives of the women that attend. love you!