feature, the bradleys

November 19, 2012


I am excited to bring to you another blog today! 
Big dreamers & entrepreneurs with a sweet little one- this family is truly precious. She writes a lot about marriage, big dreams and life with their sweet one. They are about to embark on a new, exciting journey...moving to the beautiful Scotland!

Here is a blurb about who they are and what they do! enjoy!

"Most people like the idea of true love, but at some point in there lives they believe it's impossible or extremely rare. But for us, we were lucky enough to have never stopped believing that somewhere in the world we had a soulmate waiting for us. Our blog is about our having found each other, our family life, and our ups and downs, as well our perspective on marriage. 

Mom ( Elizabeth) is a freelance travel writer/editor/photographer as well as SAHM and Papa ( Billy) is a classically trained actor/teacher/coach.

 We're moving from Thailand to Scotland in 10 days and hope to grow our startup, Holistic Dad , and have Billy working fulltime from home. Homeschooling is a daily part of our life and one of the reasons we're moving to the Scottish Highlands: to immerse ourselves in nature and live a more simple and organic life, away from the stress of city living.

This next year, we want to grow our family in tandem with growing our businesses and hopefully be self sufficient in as many ways as possible!"

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Much Love Illy winner: Georgina Vinas