a day in my life.

December 09, 2012


I have people ask me what my days look like, how I balance it all. 

Jessi, Hayley  and I were talking recently about juggling everything. Then Jessi recently wrote this on her blog and it was incredibly eye.opening for me. I love people. And I love helping people and loving people well, so finding the balance can be a challenge for me.

Used to.... I would trade in "free" moments to respond to everyone and get things done. And then one day I realized I was missing out. I didn't want to trade the moments anymore. 

You see, even if I am at home playing with my kids...I want to be present. 
I want to be engaging with them, playing with them, loving them. One of the reasons why Ashley is one of my very very best friends is because she totally gets this. She values the same. We can talk once every three weeks and that is perfect... she is the dearest of the dear and loves me regardless of how often we talk. 

Chris and I try to be intentional with each of our kiddos. We want them to feel special within our family as individuals.

I wanted to share what a typical day looks like for me. Not all days are exactly like this (it's an example day to give a perspective)....sometimes it is give or take but this is a tiny window into "juggling it all".
Multiple kids, multiple "jobs".

I am going to do a followup post on Friday with some thoughts on all of this. But I wanted to say- 
in the midst of this day, there are moments of laughter, moments of tears. 
Teachable moments, conversations of sharing...there are snuggles and cuddles. 
There are many things in the midst of this "schedule" that you can't see. 
But they are there. 


**If I was going to teach a party for Artsy or run an adult class (for example) my day would look different and Chris would have to watch the kids.... this is just one example day!

3:00 am Wake up to feed Apple. Rock her, put her back to sleep.
5:00 am Ainsleigh wakes up and wants milk. I go get her milk, climb into her big girl bed so that she will go back to sleep for a few hours.
6:00 am feed Apple, wake up with her for the day.
Throw a load of laundry in washer.
If Chris is awake I will let him snuggle Apple so that I can return a few emails/ edit photos for blog posts. I blog for Disney Baby ( 3 times a week), my own blog (5-6 days a week), Simple Design and A Little Artsy blog. I also have to take care of things for our art studio. (a little artsy). On top of this I have a few side projects going on and I also paint for people on commission- mostly local.
7:30 am Ainsleigh wakes up. I take Apple and Ainsleigh into the kitchen and make Ainsleigh breakfast. I sit with them both (feed apple as well so that she will go to sleep).
8:00 am put Apple down for nap.
8:15 Take Ainsleigh into her room. Change diaper, get her dressed for the day.
8:25 take Ainsleigh with me. Shower/ get ready for the day myself.
Then she and I take out the dogs/ refill their food bowls, etc.
Aiden wakes up, get him breakfast. Then take him to get dressed/ready for the day.
9:00-10:00 am Skype Meeting (Chris watches kids if he is home/ if he is not home then I usually have to miss the session).
10:00 Apple wakes up. Diaper change. Feed her. Get shoes on all three kiddos/ pack bags.
10:15 head to Michaels. Pick up art supplies for A Little Artsy.
Head to studio. Drop off supplies, pick up checks. Check on everything.
The kids adore the studio so if we have time, we will stick around to paint or hang out for an extra few minutes.
(Taking all three kids anywhere is an adventure in itself but we do it often!- usually two big kids in stroller and wear Apple.)
11:30 Take all three kids with me to Grocery Store. Go by bank to drop off artsy checks. Come home/ drop off food. Feed Apple.- put her down for nap #2
12:00 Apple down. Big kids eat lunch with me. This is normally when I move laundry from washer to dryer.
12:30 Move Apple (still asleep, move her into carrier). Take kids out either to playdate with friends, a park date or something fun.
Run by post office/ take prints and ship them off. (any orders that have come in that week)
2:00 Come home. Neither of my big kids nap anymore (Ainsleigh occasionally does). Feed Apple. Make kids a snack. Play in playroom/ puzzles, make a zoo, read books, playdoh, art, etc.
3:30 Put Apple down for third nap. Take kids outside to play in yard. Fold Laundry out on back porch.
4:00 start on dinner. I let the kids help with this, they both love it.
5:00 eat dinner. feed Apple. clean up kitchen.
6:00 give all three kids baths. Put away laundry.
6:45 clean up playroom
7:00 this is the time of night we either: go on a walk, go do something fun with daddy, go see grandparents, head to park, walk the mall, watch a family movie, etc etc//Family time!!!
anywhere between 8:00-10:00 are bedtimes. we are flexible on this, whenever they fall asleep basically.
feed Apple.
I start working at 10:00: I post my Disney post first. Make sure I have responded to my Disney emails. 
Then I post CaseyLeigh next. Upload to facebook, twitter, Instagram. I pin my Disney post. Return emails. 
Return texts/ phonecalls. 
Look at artsy schedule for parties/ class inquiries. Return those emails. 
Talk to our other artsy teachers if need be.
Edit pictures. 
Paint if I have any commissions to get to or if I have an art show coming up. 
Package orders of prints to ship. 
Make sure everything for that day is checked off of the list. 
(A few times a week atleast I am up past one am working and getting caught up).
11:00 on the nights that I am not working late, spend time with Chris. watch movie
12:00 am feed Apple. rock her/ put her back down.
3:00 am start over again

Follow up post Friday!

Completely un.related to the post above, I had an idea tonight that I thought I would share real quick. 
I have had so many people tell me that they have connected, made friends or found blogs through the "on your heart" linkup that I post on Fridays. So it got me thinking. 

What if we carry that over to Instagram. Through the week if you have a picture that you are really proud of, something that you feel like sharing, something fun, something heavy/ a prayer request, anything really....then tag me: @caseyleighwiegand and hashtag #caseyleighconnect. 
This way we can all go through the hashtags and meet new friends. 
AND I will pull a few and feature them with Friday's linkups. What do you think?!?






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  1. Oh wow! You are one very busy momma!

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested!

  2. Your home is beautiful so is your family. I totally understand the madness and chaos of having several small children to tend to and work at the same time. Some days it seems insane and others no biggie. I'm excited to have this baby already! love you Casey!!! I hope you don't forget us little people when your huge and famous cause your on your way girl! xoxoxo Hanna

  3. I love this post and think that this is a great idea for Instagram!!! Kudos on being such a GREAT mother while juggling your busy schedule. I only have one toddler and I needed to read this to realize that no matter how busy life seems, there are blessings that surround us each day. Even on the busy, hectic days, we should be thankful.

  4. ohh Casey...what a day!
    thanks for sharing a day in your life...I so admire the way you put your family first.
    they are so lucky to have you as their mama!
    (oh, and I LOVE the instagram/hashtag idea throughout the week)

  5. Wow. Casey you never sleep! I'm definitely challenged by your amazing dedication which is so evident here. Dedication to your family, blog, and work! Wow. I love the instagram idea as well :)

  6. you are amazing! i cannot imagine a life with that little sleep, i fall apart without it!

  7. How do you survive on three hours of sleep??? GAH! Kudos for being supermom, but make sure you don't wear yourself out. :)

  8. oh my gosh! do you sleep EVER dear?! super mom! but it sounds like you have a full day and your kiddos are loved on like crazy :)

  9. When do you sleep? :) How cool that you do all of that and still make spending time with your littles your priority. I love the Instagram idea!

  10. I'm so sorry! I read your schedule wrong, haha! You get more than 3. :) Haha! Please don't take my previous comment wrong! That was just me trying to make sure you're taking are of you, too! :) God bless you and your family and all the ways you minister to everyone around you on a constant basis.

  11. This is one crazy schedule. I have 3 under three also. But we are mostly home. Do you really survive on 3 to 5 hours a night! I met a man a few weeks ago who has loved the Litd for more than 80 years (99yrs old). He has 7 children(6 back to back). He told me that God has a special dispensation of grace for mothers of young children :). It was just what I needed to hear. I'm sure you would agree :)

  12. A man who has loved The Lord for almost 100 years toldme recently that God has a special dispensation of grace for mothers with young children. :) I don't think we could survive without it. (I have 3 under three also).

  13. Thanks so much for sharing! Its so interesting peeking into someone else's life like this. But geeze, you don't get much sleep I don't know how you do it so smoothly! What do you use to keep youself on track? Iphone? Planner? I've been using my android for to-do & calendar... but its just not 'clicking' with me so I'm looking for something new....
    And I love the instagram idea!
    <3 Ariel @ crashingthroughglass.blogspot.com

  14. I'm exhausted just reading about your day. You are super woman! You sure have some lucky kiddos.

  15. Casey, I so can relate to you! I have three under three (Olivia is almost three) and Grace whose 7! My days are similar to hours minus the business/blogging stuff. I stopped blogging for a bit because my hubby takes the computer for work and I'm usually left with an iPad or phone. It's fine with me, just the stage of life. My best friends understand that I may not get back to them right away and sometimes we don't connect for weeks. It's hard because I'm such a people person but right now we have so much on our plate that friends come after family. And that's ok because this is a stage and our babies aren't babies forever.
    Just curious, do you ever get a nap or a chance to sleep in? Thankfully got blessed me with the type of body where I don't need much sleep but every once and awhile I need a nap because I've over done it.
    And my other question is do you ever get just completely overwhelmed? About every 6 weeks I get so overwhelmed where I just need to cry and cry and cry lol! Just reading your schedule I felt overwhelmed but I totally get it! I'm a lot like you, I have to be with my kiddos and I love them so much. I do need breaks but feel guilty because I don't want to miss a moment!
    Well sending you lots of love!

  16. I do believe that the fact that I have just one sweet toddler makes this post overwhelm me even more.

    Tim and I pray that the Lord blesses us with more children. We know that He will do so in His perfect timing. In the meantime, I will enjoy my one dear little one, and fill her little love tank to the brim!

    I think the idea for an IG hashtag is a fabulous one! Such a creative, and loving, mind you have.

  17. Love this post! I feel like I was looking in the mirror while reading your post!!! And I heart the Instagram idea!!!

  18. Casey, I am just in awe of you. You are like super mom! Love the Instagram idea!!!

  19. thank you for such a great post! i too am trying to balance little ones, and home life, and running a business and a blog and it can be a lot of work! I want to be fully present with whatever I'm doing at the moment, but it's a daily challenge. I love the online community of mamas though...so many of us doing the same things!

  20. Love the idea of an instagram connect! I enjoy your blog very much.

  21. You are a super woman and admire you very much.

    Hope this schedule won't ruin your health.


  22. Wow! How do you get through on such little sleep! I get about 6 hours and I'm still exhausted!

    Bettina @ www.littleoldsouls.com

  23. oh wow. this is crazy. Admirable, really!

  24. That is so exhausting to read about. And my schedule isn't even remotely relaxed ever either. But still, reading yours wore me out. I think it's amazing that you talked about wanting to be 'present' with each of your kids. That's so super important. I have so many 2nd graders who complain about how their mom was there, but she was just watching TV. They always say it with such hurt and defeat in their eyes too. It's really heartbreaking. At the end of the day, those moments are really all we have. I'm glad you're soaking them up. I need to try to remember to do the same thing!


  25. Casey you are a very busy mummy! I am a mum too,with twin boys and they keep me running around all day too, but we dont have to do half the things you do. This is why I admire you and you give me inspiration to keep on going and try to fit extra things into my day. Love reading your blog and your adventures, im sure you inspire so many others too.I think the istagram thing is a great idea. ( I acidentally asked for your request on your person instagram then found the public one, sorry) Such a beautiful person..Have a great day..Maria..

  26. girl you are BUSY. but you seem to do it with such grace. i sometimes hate how much time i spend on the computer during the day when it's just parker and i. i need to plan more fun things to get us out of the house -- it's hard, winter in massachusetts -- but i'm gonna do it!

  27. So now we no the secret! No sleep. I don't know if I could swing with that!! Haha, in truth though- so soon, this season will be past. I admire your commitment to being present with the kids, and I hope I can do the same. God is really working on me in that area.

    I love the Instagram connect idea!

  28. sounds exhausting!! i don't know how you do it! i got 6 hours of sleep last night and i'm just dying today... you do it on the regular with MUCH less!

  29. Hi Sweet friend :D I always knew you were a little bit of super hero. I really do admire you. You work so hard but you don't let it effect you negatively or take away from your family time. You keep it up, and I have no doubt the Lord will continue to bless all your efforts. Thanks for sharing. Lot's of Love XO

  30. I love the day in the life of...

    Also loving the instagram link up. I think its awesome you are so willing to promote other blogs because your blog is such a blessing.


  31. I am exhausted just looking at your schedule! God bless you, Casey! I hope you find some time to rest in those moments. I struggle with what you said, as well:feeling the need to respond to everything so I can actually enjoy life. Thanks for sharing with us, as always!

    And I love the Instagram idea, too!

  32. Wow girly! 2 hours a sleep? (or maybe I'm wrong) Nevertheless, your days are fun. Lives as such are always the best. So productive!

  33. Oh my word, I feel worn out just reading your schedule! You are such a great mama!!

  34. Thank you for sharing this - you're a rock star. This post made me very tired - haha, you do so much and sleep so little and the needs of others are so very much the forefront of your life. I almost don't want to comment because it's one more comment you have to read - XOX Jenna

  35. Wow! I can't tell you how inspiring this is. To see that there is soooo much hard work and busyness built into your life. Sometimes it seems daunting to try to build a creative life with a family, limited time, but to be assured that it is doable, and worth it, and takes a lot of hard work is very very motivating. Thank you for sharing!!!

    Laura Beach Leva

  36. I often think of you when I am up working late too- because I know you've told me before you do work late sometimes! Ainsley looks so big in that picture of her sleeping! And I love the instagram idea!!!

  37. Such an inspirational blog! I love your entries on everything - esp your babies! ♥



  38. you are SUCH a busy mama - thank you for sharing, dear Casey! wishing many blessings to you and yours.

  39. Wow. I am tired just reading about your day. You are doing a wonderful job! May God continue to bless your family and give you the energy each day that you need.

  40. This is so encouraging! As a working from home mama, it's hard to measure productivity on a day to day basis and it can be so easy to be discouraged at the end of the day because you only accomplished so much from the never ending to do list. Thanks for the giving us a peek into your busy life and showing that it's not always about what's been checked off the list.

  41. I think I need a nap after reading about your day! That's incredible that you have the strength and energy to get through it all in one piece and still find time for creativity!

  42. Thanks for sharing! You're a busy Momma, but I'm sure you love it! :) Great idea for IG! :)

  43. Casey! I don't know how you do it all (ok. i know you don't do it ALL... but you know what I mean!) You and Chris have beautiful children. Thanks so much for sharing on the blog (and twitter and IG LOL... I love seeing the sweet pics!). Love love love the idea of the IG linkup... I'm a 46 (eeek)year old sorta obsessed with IG :) thanks for another reason to love it!

  44. dang friend, are you super woman? my day is just as bury, but i need more sleep than you get and I am still tired. lol . such little blessings they are and such a wonderful and busy season of our lives!