The Creation of Colour.

January 29, 2013

I always love sharing artists on this space. Not only artists but a Children's book about believing in yourself and "colouring" the world. 
Art has always been a passion of mine and as I have gotten older and changed it has also changed and taken on various forms// it's amazing to see how God can shift our passions and use our creativity in all kinds of ways. 
So excited to introduce this beautiful story today :). 

"We are both amazed by the beautiful outcome and the overwhelming responses we have been receiving. It is still hard to believe that our dreams have come true and that we are able to share it with the rest of the world, with the book having already traveled from Australia to Germany, England, America, France, Spain, and Africa! THE CREATION OF COLOUR is about a little girl named Kyra who is born into a world that is bathe only in the shades of black, white and grey. Her family soon discovers that she has a unique gift and that everything she touches turns into colour. The message within the pages of the book is aimed at enlightening readers to follow the path in life that gives them fulfillment and joy, and to embrace their individuality. It invites you to think about how you can share something that is special about you with others, and how what you do can impact those around you in a positive way.

It’s about life and death in a beautiful and child friendly way. It’s about being spiritual and connecting with your loved ones that are long gone, remembering them and keeping them close in your hearts. For me, being the illustrator of the book and bringing Kyra alive, spending her whole life with her and making her grow both in wisdom and age within the story, was quite emotional. Casey and I hope to touch many hearts with our book and we are so thankful for being able to share with you all here."  

Believe in yourself and you can colour the world.
Lots of love from Janie and Casey