April 27, 2013

 photo photo-5.jpg I had a few random things to share....so I will stick them all on in one quick post for you! (none of these are sponsored posts....just things I felt on my heart to share)! 

 First up... 31 bits... a company I love so very much. They have put together a gift option for Mothers Day where each item can include a free gift bag, paper heart seeds and a customized note. SUCH a good cause and sweet way to celebrate the mamas! 31 Bits is part of a movement revolutionizing the way people do business, businesses that are conscious of both the creator, and the consumer. Not only was your necklace paid for fairly, but the creator has been provided with education, employment, and empowerment. The jewelry is beautiful and 80% of the profit goes towards their program in Uganda which creates a sustainable income and empowerment to their 108 women. 

 photo photo-6.jpg Next up... I wanted to share this because I think it could be something really neat for business owners/ handmade business owners. Celeb gifting. Casi over at Cupcake Mag told me that I should send some of my leftover prints to her for some celeb gifting. (These got sent out yesterday)! She has all the info here about it...I just think it's a different and neat way to advertise your product! 

 Lastly, Voto app just came up with a way to embed the votes to your blog (included an example one).... you can vote right here! So if you have a product you want feedback on... this might be a cool different way to survey people! 

 These is my random mish.mosh for the weekend! 
Have a beautiful one!