little mommy.

May 07, 2013

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She softly rocks her, she cradles her and whispers in her ear. 
She swaddles her. 
Feeds her. 

I have noticed a tiny mommy emerging. I see her treating her little babies the way that I treat her. With tenderness and love. 
She gently pats her back after feedings and rocks her close before she puts her to sleep.

She loves her little dolly well. 

This little one is mostly only interested in what big brother is doing and what he loves. 
But there are moments that catch me by surprise when she breaks away from that.
Out on her own. 
Being a little girl, a little mommy.

Dressed up in heels with a purse and swaddled baby in tow.

It will be so fun as Apple gets older to see if Ainsleigh shifts a bit. To playing more with her, dreaming with her and letting their imaginations run wild. 
A sister. Someone who looks like you. You look into her eyes and not only see yourself but your mom and dad also. You’ve been side by side since birth. And now... now as Apple grows, you get to play house, take care of your dollys and you can show her how to be. 
An example.

Melts my heart every time.
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  1. So cute! My little girl's been playing more with her stuffed animals like this lately too. She puts them to bed and covers them up. Today, she had Daddy put her shoes on each of them. Sweetness.

  2. Beautiful. :-) Your posts always make me want to hug my little man a little tighter. :-)

  3. Oh this is just the sweetest. What a little angel you have on your hands there :) Love this song, too. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Such a beautiful way to see your little girl! Since we only have our little boy right now I'm just working on getting used to being around him - but it's so exciting to imagine life with girls as well!

  5. Precious in every way!! :)

  6. What a beautiful little nurturing girl!! Somethin' tells me she learned it from you :)


    Jean //What Jean Likes

  7. You write so beautifully what your daughter does. I can see you have great love for your family.

  8. Immitation is the highest form of flattery...

    She's learning great thing from you, Mama. :)

    Absolutely beautiful.

  9. i'm excited to have a little girl someday :) and great job for being such a wonderful example of love to your littles. you are inspiring, my friend.


  10. How absolutely precious! I remember Anika being that age and I miss it so much. I can't wait till Annalee starts pretending and playing but of course I'll keep her little as long as I possibly can!

  11. This makes me SO excited about having a little girl. I had a boy first too and at the moment my baby girl just loves everything he does, but I can't wait until the time she plays babies. I think she'll make her big brother softer just by being here. And I know she's already melted me completely, I thought I had the boy mama thing down and having to be girlier seemed scary. Turns out I love getting to do both! x

  12. That is too adorable! She must have it from her Mommy :) She is such a little Cutie!!! :)


  13. I love to see this in my children :) I think my son plays "baby" more than my daughter. He's so rough and loud, but he settles down enough to rock his baby or stuffed animal and put them to bed. He's going to be a good daddy one day :)

  14. So, so, precious!

  15. This just makes me smile (:

  16. so sweet. i read teh other day that how we talk to our children becomes their inner voice. i bet our actions have even more of an impact!

  17. My heart! What a gorgeous little girl. Can't wait to have daughter stories of my own. Thank you for sharing. xoxo

  18. Such a sweet thing to watch your little babe turn into a caring, nurturing little soul. :) I love it when Moo kisses and cuddles her doll.


  19. Cutest baby girl EVER. Seriously.

  20. Oh wow. This is so so so terribly sweet. Gosh. xo

  21. could that be any more gorgeous x

  22. Too cute. My son does the same thing. Love it.


  23. How sweet is she! She reminds me of myself when I was a little girl... so maternal. I even had that baby doll basket and bed! You're a great role model and mommy for showing her how it's done.

  24. How precious is she! She reminds me of myself when I was a little girl... so maternal. I always had to take care of my babies and of course my real baby brother :) I even had that baby doll basket and bed! You're a great role model and mommy for showing her how it's done.


  25. Oh my goodness! So cute!!! I love your blog. your home is amazing and your kids are the cutest!!!

    xoxo kerri

  26. This is SO sweet and so heartwarming.
    I can totally relate. . .
    I've noticed the same about my little girl lately
    and it's a beautiful thing.
    It's encouraging to know that she's learning to love on her "babies"
    because of the way mommy loves on her.
    It reassures me and lets me know,
    no matter how imperfect I may be,
    at least I know that she feels loved.
    It's a precious cycle...
    [These photos are beautiful!]