San Diego. Day Two pictures. + what is next?

August 04, 2013

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What is next for American Blogger?

(From where I left off last) he drove me to the airport and spent the day and evening with LilBlueBoo. She has an absolutely hilarious recap here! So so funny! Then the next day he interviewed HelloApparel , The Shine Project & The City Moms Blog. Then TOMORROW he will be interviewing sweet Wynne over at Gloriously Ruined and heading home!!! ahh!  

He will be home Monday and Tuesday night and then leaves again Wednesday for LA for the 168 film festival (remember this post?) I will be heading out Friday to join him for the weekend!

As far as American Blogger, he still has to interview his Dallas bloggers and a few girls that the timing didn't work out quite he will finish up filming everyone else in September! Then after that he will begin editing and it will be available for purchase on itunes sometime in the fall! 

I could not be more excited to see him tomorrow... I believe today is day 48 of him being gone. Thank you SO much for all the encouragement and for following along!!!