photography: editing.

March 14, 2014

People ask me all the time about my photos on the blog and so for awhile now I have been wanting to do a post about my editing process! Chris takes photos for me sometimes but I do all of the editing myself. Then on instagram most of the time I am just using my cellphone and editing with various apps. 

Two things that are game changers in my opinion are the light/time of day and actions! If you don't know about actions, they can change everything for you. There are two ways that I edit with actions: in photoshop and in lightroom. 

Actions literally do the work for you. And once you know "your style" you will probably find yourself gravitating towards the same sets. 

I have the VSCO actions and actions from A Beautiful Mess. They are both so so so amazing and so different. I think that having both really helps achieve the look that I am going for. Elsie sent me some when her shop opened and I literally can't get enough. Something really neat and unique about the actions from A Beautiful Mess is they have "light leaks" and "sun flares" so even if you are going for a sunny look and didn't have sun that can basically manufacture it. 

Look below in the photo/ this is a sun flare from the Beautiful Mess actions in the top right corner. Isn't that the coolest?!

First a before picture (below) with no actions

then after...

There are some really fabulous tutorials online for how to use actions....I taught myself everything by watching youtube videos and reading tutorials online. 

Forever I had in my head what I wanted my pictures to look like and just couldn't achieve it. Then I discovered actions and for the first time in my life what I had in my head was actually coming to life in a photograph. 

I have all of the sets from A Beautiful Mess . They are gorgeous and I literally can find just what I am looking for among all their amazing options always! 

I also have all of the VSCO sets. ( can be found here) My favorite and the one that I gravitate towards the most is "03". I also edit most of my cellphone pictures in the VSCOcam app.