The Baby Top Knot.

March 05, 2014

Today I was heading over to Pouf to put together a few new hair tutorials with them and decided at the last minute as I was heading out the door to bring Ainsleigh along with me! She adores girlie stuff and has never had her hair done before (besides by me)... so I thought this would be a fun girl date for us and who doesn't love little mini hair tutorials?! 

Plus they have pink cupcakes across the street, swoon!

The baby top knot is perfect for little girls! It's fast, easy and it is so cute while also keeping the hair out of their eyes while they are playing and running around like kids do!

1. Start with a ponytail, high on top of her head. 
 2. Secure with a clear elastic hairband. 
3. Take a small comb and tease sections of her hair.

4. Pull her hair over in the form of a bun and and pin the sections down piece by piece.

That's it! Easy, simple yet so beautiful!! 
 Thank you Pouf for this fun collaboration! We have a few amazing tutorials coming over the next few weeks :).