Finding my Faith.

June 12, 2014

I have mentioned before my journey this past year with fear and faith and finding answers through questions. This year has been a big year for me in my faith. I have faced a lot of fears and decided more and more what it is that I truly believe. I guess in a way I grew up with truths and a view of the world and as I have gotten older and became a mom, I have explored that more and more, seeing it all through a different lens and coming to a conclusion on where my feet land.

I have slowly loosened the grip. And I realized something about idols. Idols aren't just shiny statues, something really good and beautiful can become an idol. And if I am saying no to things God is calling me to do because of my fears or anxieties, all my what ifs.... then my heart is in the wrong place.

The last few Sundays at church we have been learning about fear and faith and trust and each time we sing this song I just feel like my life and world is changing more and more. Every time I seek Him for more answers I feel like He reassures me with these words.

I feel like before. Before it was easy to have faith. It was easy to view people in my life a certain way. But then life happened. And trusting Him and handing over my fears and life to Him was more real. I need a Savior, I need a hero and am forever grateful that my hope has a place to land.



  1. that song has been my heart cry. i want to be plunged...but then when he plunges us we are shell-shocked and grabbing for something we are used to...something comfortable and more solid than blind faith. than an invisible God. i find myself shocked at my reaction to being put in a position where i can only trust blindly in him. i thought it would be so much easier and blissful. but i am slowly learning how letting go in the face of fear brings certain death to my idols and life to me in christ. oh the discomfort....worth the bearing for the time...freedom for a lifetime. loose our chains lord, even our comfy ones! keep seeking dear! you are not alone!

  2. I understand this post so much. Getting over my fear and anxiety is such a hard thing, it's something I struggle with on a daily basis and learning to get over those and trust God completely can be so hard and I hate saying that, but it's true. I too have been trying to push my fears aside and learning to enjoy life a little more. Thanks for sharing your heart! xoxo

  3. I've been journaling my prayers and thoughts on scripture I'm reading (studying Romans right now) and it is amazing to me the difference I feel in my faith. It's amazing how much God really lets you know He's there when you really press in. Good for you girl.

  4. Love this, sweet Casey! Facing the challenges of life can harden us or strengthen us in our faith. It's difficult and sometimes painful, but so good for us, too. Just like life begins outside of our comfort zone, so does a strong faith. Love your heart, lady.

  5. Timely truth for an anxious soul. Thanks for sharing your heart.


  6. Beautiful! PTL God is SO good!! I love the moments when you can actually see Him working in your heart. He is faithful to finish what He has started!! :) Thank you for this blog! It blesses many!

  7. Wow, such an amazing post. That song gives me chills every time. Such a deserving God we serve! Thanks for sharing such a sweet post :)

  8. You are an amazing individual and your conviction is inspiring.

    Pretty photo too!



  9. I love this song so much and I have been the same way this year!