Insta This.

August 25, 2014

Before we moved I received my InstaThis photos on wood and hung them up in our bedroom. I am completely in love with the quality, the style of the photos on the wood and the way it looked in our room. I am searching for the perfect spot in our new space and can't wait to get them up for everyone to see. 

You can print your Instagram photos or upload your photos on wood, aluminum, or coasters, amazing right?! In a time when everything is online, it was so nice to hold these beautiful memories in my hands! Have them hanging on my wall! 

Photography means so much to me. Having memories and moments frozen in time is so priceless and when I received these, I knew that these were prints that would be passed down to my kiddos as they grow. This is a timeless gift in my opinion! 

 "InstaThis turns your most cherished moments & memories into beautiful tangible pieces of art, allowing our lives and our stories to be shared beyond social media platforms."

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* post sponsored by InstaThis but all thoughts and opinions are my own.