August 17, 2014

We have been soaking in these last few summer days before Aiden starts school. Yesterday we had a new parent 101 at the private school we are sending Aiden to next year. I've cried at every meeting because I'm so overwhelmed with gratitude that we found such a special place. It's classical education, foundations from Charlotte Mason , a school that fosters creativity, focuses on the home environment and is all rooted in our faith. They gave us a list that said " and don't neglect your eyes, your ears, your heart... Experience art, delight in music, take your family to a local Shakespeare, build a treehouse in your backyard, travel with your kids, eat a peach (from a tree you all planted) and pray always." LOVE. 

We have been on such a journey over the past few months of freedom. Freedom from so much that has held us back. And I just feel so ready to enter into this school year with open arms and a ready heart. We are changing our lives and we are leaping into the adventure.