December 12, 2014

It's past midnight and I wanted to stick up a quick post, life is just so busy right now. We have had basketball, ballet, Christmas chapel, moving the rest of our stuff finally all over to our new home, birthday parties, the list goes on... it's been such a beautiful season but such a busy one. Such is life, yes? I just got home from a date night Christmas party, such a sweet night with my guy. Seriously there are moments when he tells me something or looks at me a certain way and I just want to freeze the moment forever.  It felt really nice to get dressed up and have a night out with him. Christmas lights, good music, sweet friends, good food. I love the way a song or a smell can take you back to a memory, the way this time of year brings out the magic everywhere. 

There have been so many happy, thankful tears this week. Tears as I watched my sweet Ainsleigh go to ballet for the first time, she smiled the entire hour- she was radiant! Tears as I watched my boy dribble down and score his first basket in the first game of the season. Tears as I lit candles for Aiden's school performance and watched him sing his sweet little heart out. Grateful tears as I had the chance to rock Apple to sleep this week.

I love looking around knowing these are the moments and the memories that they will hold onto forever. That the smell of pumpkin pie, the glitter of the Christmas lights and the memories we are creating now are little pieces of them. 

All the fun and all the love....this is what they will carry with them through the years.