On My Heart.

March 06, 2015

I have lived in Texas my whole life and have never seen anything like the past few weeks of weather! The kids have absolutely LOVED it! Today was the best kind of snow because we had that pretty sunshine to go along with it! I have missssssed the sun!

Chris put together this quick little 20 second video of all the white beauty!
Loveeee seeing his beautiful work and getting the chance to share bits here.....

For almost 4.5 years every Friday I have done a link up here called "On Your Heart". People have come together, linked up their posts, made new friends, connected. I have been going back and forth for awhile now in my mind of moving away from this. Not because I don't love it and love reading those posts and seeing people connect, because I adore all of that. But more, I am hoping over the next 6 months to go in a different direction with this little space of mine. 

Less schedules and more heart. Meaning getting back to my first blogging days.... if I feel like sharing a photo or telling a story, I post it! And if I am quiet for a few days with nothing to post, letting that be okay too. I don't want to wait till Fridays to share my heart. So for a season I am going to let my little linkup go and felt like I should explain before it just disappeared! Some of you sweet people have been linking up for almost 5 years here on Fridays! Thank you for that! 

Thank you for reading our story :) For letting me share my thoughts and feelings and these sweet little faces here. 

Hope everyone has a really beautiful weekend!