Her first Recital.

April 25, 2015

Today was Ainsleigh's first ballet recital. 

She started taking in January and from the first moment she walked into this precious studio, she has been so in love. 

This morning we arrived early for her rehearsal and this would be the first time I have seen her do any of these dances. They keep the curtains shut during class ( so that parents aren't a distraction) so I wasn't entirely sure what to expect. She walked out on stage confident, hands on her hips, chin held high- the biggest smile I have ever seen. Her adorable dimples were bigger than ever with the light of the stage. She completely took my breath away with her every move. 

Ainsleigh is humble and graceful yet so confident and full of light. She can literally light up a room when she walks in. I sat there in the row and was just in complete awe of my baby girl. There are so many moments in motherhood that just leave me weepy and overwhelmed with gratitude. How in the world are these precious kiddos really mine? Each so special. Each like nothing I have ever seen. 

The first time I saw Aiden play in a game was the same way I felt today, just this unexplainable overwhelming feeling. Like you are seeing this little person you love with all that you are, out there doing something so amazing. I cried the entire rehearsal and the entire performance. Saying I am so proud is an understatement.

She lit up the stage the way she lights up our life. 
Our sunshine girl.