Lady Noel Designs Giveaway.

April 20, 2015

I love when I have the opportunity to feature beautiful artists. 
I so have a heartbeat for artists and the way they pour so many pieces of themselves into everything they create...I can remember so many of my paintings being such a reflection of things happening inside. It's a beautiful, intimate thing to have someone pour their passions out onto a canvas or a piece of paper. I feel that way about musicians and filmmakers, photographers....the list goes on.

How gorgeous is this art? 
Please check out all of her amazing pieces. AND she does custom portraits ( see here) !! 

"I started Ladynoeldesigns really on a whim. It was honestly encouraged by a certain person in my life who looked at me and boldly told me that I needed to quit the cakes (@pearson_cakes) and do what I was born to do. That was simply to create art, and ever since then I haven't looked back. 

I had forgotten for a time how connected you can be to something you are creating. How fulfilling it was to see the reaction of a person when they finally saw their commissioned piece for the first time. It is the most encouraging thing being able to use my gifts to encourage others. It also doesn't hurt that with Ladynoeldesigns I am able to provide for my family as well as be at home. I love these little giveaways though because not only does it yes help me but i can also encourage someone else in the process."

GIVEAWAY: ABC Poster, Lion Print & Margot Magnet.