birthday girl.

August 24, 2015

The moment our eyes met for the first time everything changed. You took my heart instantly. 
There you were safe in my arms after all the prayers and all the tears.....

You have brought so much love and life to our family. Getting to celebrate you on Friday was so special. Something that I hope all of my kids know and remember about me when they are grown is that we made "special days" big. I want your "everydays" to feel full of love and that you are special and cherished and adored...but on your day, on the special days- I hope you always feel like it is magic.

You danced with your sister, we ate your favorite rice & beans, we sang and ate cake, we saw family, we did a waterslide and ate snowcones. We took you to your favorite store and watched you open presents. I told you the story of the day you were born as we drifted off to sleep. 

Our Appie. Our little burst of love. 
Easy going yet full of laughter. 

We love you baby girl. Here is to the big 3!