August 11, 2015

I just got home yesterday from Oils Convention and had sooooo much fun with so many of my dear friends. So many that I have been getting to know all year through the internet and then got to spend 5 days with them- it was a blast! 

^^ snuggling my baby girl when I got home, oh how I missed them! Chris said that Aiden wouldn't even look into my closet when I was gone because seeing my clothes made him teary- thankful for sweet kiddos that are my world^^

^^ the cutest cookies ever for our mixer in our room ^^^

^^^ Chris kept the kiddos busy while I was gone and sent me so many cute pics ^^^

^^^  My girl Lesley ^^^ 

^^^ awards night ^^^

Ten years ago Chris and I had just started dating and he took me to meet one of his best friends and his (at the time) girlfriend- Kristen. Little did we know that all this time later we would be doing this together! It's already been such a fun journey, just pinching myself that I get to do this with my best friends! 

^^^ The Ningxia Bar! ^^^

^^ And I came home with a ton of the new products that they released! ^^

^^ How many dish soaps say on the bottle " if swallowed, drink plenty of water to dilute" 
- ours does!  ^^

Overall it was about friendship and community and my heart is full! 
Already counting down to next year!