Aiden's First Campout.

September 28, 2015

The boys were gone this weekend on Aiden's first ever campout- I missed them desperately. Me and the girls decided to do a mini "campout" at Meme and Poppies house- it was a blast! 

Aiden and Chris had so much fun, it was such a sweet weekend for them. 
Tonight we sat together as a family for over and hour and watched through all of the videos from their time, I loved it so much - I felt like I got to be there in a way as I watched him experiencing so many things for the first time!! 

He went on a zipline for the very first time-

His first time on a blob! 

They set up their tent right on the water and he got to campout for a whole weekend with all of his best buddies.

He got to experience God's beauty in nature through sunsets and water.

What a view right!!?
They did the ropes course and laser tag. 
They fished and canoed. 
Ate s'mores, and had sweet fellowship. 

I am so thankful for such a sweet weekend that blessed my boys! 

also, I have been meaning to write down a few quick stories/thoughts lately for memory about this sweet boy of mine. 

I am convinced my kiddos have the sweetest hearts in the world!!  I am sure every mama feels this way but oh my goodness their little spirits just leave me breathless! A few sweet Aiden stories- one is that the first few days of school he would say that he sits in his desk and daydreams about what his family is doing right that moment and then counts the hours to when he can see us again. 

Then a few weeks ago when I was out of town he told Chris to please close my closet because he couldn't even look at my clothes- he missed me so much. SWEET boy! He is always wanting to bring me flowers or share sweet thoughts with me- I truly pray and hope that we can forever protect his tender, precious heart because it's so stinkin' special! 

Love you A!