For your Face.

September 10, 2015

Recently I shared some of my skincare routines here ... since then I have added a few amazing brushes and this is one of them! The Ultimate Skin Spa System! This is my second brush from them and I am yet again completely in love. 

I loveeeee this brush! It is soooo soft, it has
3 specialized attachments – the cleansing brush, silicone brush and exfoliating brush will cleanse, exfoliate and eliminate dirt and oil trapped in your pores from your head to your toes. The silicone brush head is bacteria resistant and is gentle enough to use on sensitive skin types! 

I love so much that it comes with a storage case making it convenient to take on trips or on the go! AND lastly love that you can use it with any of your favorite cleansers! 

This brush is normally $125 but using this code ( mrswiegand) it will be 70% OFF - so only, $37.50 !!

Discount: more than $80 off, bringing $125 to $37.50

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