For Those beautiful Teeth!

October 08, 2015

I love sharing something when it is such a steal- especially with Christmas gifts in the back of my mind, you will LOVE this!! 

The Aura Clean system came in the mail and I instantly wanted a second one to give to Chris.

Within the sleek Aura Clean Base station, there is a UV-C Halo which is a ring of germ killing light that attacks pathogens from all angles.

The Aura Clean Base Stations keeps the brush head protected, clean and away from environmental contaminants also dries the brush.

Unreal right?! The World’s Cleanest Toothbrush has arrived!   

Coupon code: caseysmiles 

Discount: 50% off, bringing the price from $200 to $100

The Aura Clean System from Vanity Plaent comes with a toothbrush and clean station, and provides exceptional cleaning to whiten teeth using the best state-of-the-art ultrasonic technology in two easily controlled cleaning modes, professional and sensitive. 

The Aura Clean toothbrush is cleaned and charged every time it's placed within the Aura Clean Station core (the dome toothbrush base). The Clean Station is a circular, dome UV lamp that cleans and sanitizes the toothbrush by using it's UV-C ryas to destroy germs. This keeps the brush head protected, clean and away from any environmental contaminants and also dries the brush. 

*post sponsored by Vanity Planet but all thoughts and opinions are my own