sweet sisters.

October 06, 2015

Can we just talk about the sweetness of sisterhood?
 I have so been missing out all of these years!

Goodness these sweet girls- seeing their relationship and knowing that they will hold this close forever, it's the most beautiful thing.  

Someone who looks like you. You look into her eyes and not only see yourself but your mom and dad also. You’ve been side by side since birth – so much to walk through together.

Ainsleigh and Aiden are soooooo close but now with him in school everyday its given the opportunity to blossom a new closeness between my girls. 

My prayer is that they always confide in each other, rely on each other and look out for one another. I pray all the fun girly outtings we do together never change- the giggles, the tea parties and the painting of fingernails. The singing in the car and the talking of daydreams.

I love how they are so different yet share such a common bond. Apple is my little mama- such a precious spirit for taking care of others, always swaddling up baby dolls and our little puppy Ellie. She will fall asleep feeding a baby doll or wear one on her back all day- it's in her, she adores it. She loves to take care of others. 

My Ainsleigh is a ball of adventure and light. Always chasing the excitement and lighting up a room.
She wants to be independent and is such a leader. 
It will be so fun to see how these beautiful qualities in them play out as they continue to grow. 

These sweet girls have filled a place in my heart that I never knew was there. My days with them are filled with love and joy. I am such a lucky lady to have the opportunity to help shepherd these beautiful hearts that bless me so!