Little Mamas.

December 09, 2015

This year has been an adjustment for us with Aiden gone now 5 days a week in First grade...last year it was just 2 days so that was quite a jump for all of us!

Something sweet in the midst of us missing his desperately has been seeing my girls precious sisterhood relationship blossom so very much. Alllll the girlie things!! 

Our days are filled with doll baby bubble baths and braiding hair. 
Toy strollers and swaddles. 
Stuffed animals and dress up. 

It's been so sweet to see "little mamas" emerge. The way they take care of their babies and rock them to sleep, the way they whisper in their ears and carry them close. 

It's such a beautiful foresight of them in years to come. 

I never had a sister so to experience this with them is like the sweetest little whisper from God straight into my soul. Their little conversations and the songs they sing to their babies. 

I say time after time, wow- you are such a sweet mama to those babies! They are sooo lucky! 

It's like a get a glimpse into the future them. It's beautiful. 

I so often am praying for them and watching them- I can't wait to see what God's plans are for each of them. Who He will mold them to be, what He will call them to, who they will choose to marry. 

My prayer often consists of protecting their hearts and their tender, precious spirits. 

I hope they are always always treasured the way I treasure them. 

I love you sweet little mamas :)