It's a .......

February 19, 2016

It's a baby GIRL!!!!

We couldn't be more thrilled, excited, happy...I went to bed last night wit my cheeks hurting from smiling so big!!!! 

Truly, yesterday was one of the sweetest days of my whole life. So many sweet moments entwined in my heart- it forever made an imprint somewhere deep in my soul. 

Because of all the bloodwork we have been getting this pregnancy they had the gender results in an envelope when we got to our appointment yesterday. 

We had a sonogram and sweet baby girl looked precious! I have some more sono photos I need to upload so I will share those soon. She has moving around so much and waving, it was so so sweet.

Yesterday we took the kiddos to the lake after we picked up Aiden from school and let them open a box with balloons! It was the cutest ever, they squealed and was so incredibly precious. 

Last night before bed Aiden said the sweetest prayer for his baby sister, he loves his girls! 

We love celebrating this life, we love this baby girl so much.
The Lord has been so sweet through this time, I can just see his goodness so much in each little piece.

Thank you so much for celebrating along side us! It means so much to share in this joy with others!