DIY Play-Do

March 16, 2016

I am so completely in love with this recipe for my littles! 

Over a year ago I decided I was going to start sharing what our family was doing with Essential Oils and natural products and how it has forever changed our life! It has been so amazing to see a beautiful community form and see young newlyweds, college students, families and mamas benefit from being open handed with our own journey with oils. 

So excited to share fun recipes like this one! 

Each month my team has a monthly theme! Next month is all about the kiddos, babies and pregnant mamas- so this recipe was just getting everyone excited for what is to come! 

^^ this is the recipe we used^^ but Young Living has a great one on their blog too! You can check theirs out here

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I collaborated with my sweet friend Emma and she was so gracious to take these beautiful photos for me! So thankful to have her on my team, she's amazing!