Happy Mother's Day.

May 08, 2016

Someday I imagine looking at my kiddos future spouses and telling them I have no greater gift to give them than these people the Lord has entrusted us with. How my prayer is that they always love and cherish and celebrate them the way that we have. My prayer is that they are as intentional in their love for them as we have been. I can't imagine handing over a greater gift. 

Being a mama is my heartbeat and my greatest love and privilege . Loving these littles is a gift that never for one moment do I take advantage of or not realize the weight in this responsibility. 

 Happy Mothers Day to all you mamas out there! Today was such a sweet day, my heart is overflowing. 

And for those who have lost, those who have littles on the other side of heaven, those in the waiting and longing to be a mama, or those who ache for their mamas today or the mamas who feel like they failed- all of you were heavy pressed on my heart today.