June 09, 2016

We have so many photos that I cherish so dearly to my heart but had yet to print any of them. They were all saved on hard drives and here in this space (on the blog) but I knew having them throughout our home was something that Chris and I really wanted to make happen. 

I love capturing a moment in a photo and I love the idea of our walls telling the story of our family's love. 

I have a friend connected with this amazing company and they were so kind to print so many cherished memories out for us. They asked nothing in return but once I received them in the mail and completely GASPED at the quality and beauty, I had to share with you guys. They are literally stunning! 

I emailed her right away and said, I have to share these canvases! And she was so sweet to send over a 40% coupon code- YAY! and free shipping!! 

I will DEFINITELY be ordering more from them!!! Swoon! 

code thewiegands   40% off +free shipping. 
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